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I cannot FTP to a domain with the valid credentials of the domain's FTP user.

The following error is shown in /var/log/secure or /var/log/messages:

Jul 18 14:31:39 proftpd[5871]: ([]) - USER plesk90 (Login failed): Limit access denies login
Jul 18 14:31:49 proftpd[5871]: ([]) - FTP session closed.

What is the cause of the problem?


The domain FTP user does not belong to the group psacln.


For the exclusive IP address, Parallels Plesk Panel creates a special section in the ProFTPd configuration file /etc/proftpd.include. For example:

   ServerName ""
   <Limit LOGIN>
         Order allow, deny
         AllowGroup psacln
         Deny from all

FTP access to IP address is allowed for users in the psacln group (i.e., users created through Parallels Plesk Panel).

Verify that the FTP user of the domain belongs to the group psacln. You may check with the command id. Here is an example of the correct output:

~# id ftp_user
uid=10004(ftp_user) gid=2526(psacln) groups=2526(psacln)

If the user does not belong to the group psaclnit is recommended to add it.

Find the id of the group psacln on your system:

~# grep psacln /etc/group

Run the command vipw, find the user ftp_user, and set the group:


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