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  • Virtuozzo containers for Linux


Trying to create backup of VE using 'vzbackup' utility I am getting messages like these:

2007-10-31T14:05:33-0400 vzbackup(30768): Error while backup. Please  see /vz/backups/ for detailes.
2007-10-31T14:05:33-0400 vzbackup(30768): No VEs intended for backup found on
2007-10-31T14:05:33-0400 vzbackup(30768): Cleaning up...


Please have a look at 'vzbackup' log which is mentioned in output above - /vz/backups/

/usr/share/vzbackup-3.0.0-16.swsoft/vzbackup1: line 566: 30887 File size limit exceeded
tar cf "${OUTFILE}" ${TAR_OPT} ${TRACK_OPT} ${INCR_OPTIONS} ${DESC_OPTIONS} ${CONF_OPTIONS} ${QUOTA_OPTIONS} -C "$(dirname "${VE_PRIVATE}")" "$(basename "${VE_PRIVATE}")"
2007-10-31T13:57:36-0400 vzbackup1 ( Tar error(153). Exiting...

It could happed when you are trying to backup VE whose size exceeds file size limit of underlying filesystem. E.g. file size limit for ext3 filesystem formatted with 1k block size is 16GB and 'tar' utility which is used to create backup of VE just can not create tarball if size of VE is more than 16GB.

Filesystem block size may be checked using this command on server:
tune2fs -l $BLOCK_DEVICE|grep "Block size"

where $BLOCK_DEVICE in the command above is the partition which is defined in BACKUP_DIR parameter in the file /etc/vzbackup.conf, it defines where Virtuozzo will put backups of VEs.


The possible solutions to the problem with file size limit are:

- backup VE to another partition on the same hardware node with bigger block size or to another hardware node which has partition(s) formatted with bigger block size;
- reformat partition where Virtuozzo is going to store backups of VEs with bigger block size, e.g. 4k. It may be done using Linux system utility 'mke2fs' with '-b4096' parameter. Attention - all data on partition being formatted will be lost.

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