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Desktop Interface of any Plesk account has Plesk News frame that shows What's new in... list of major changes in the last Plesk versions. The shown news differ for various kinds of account as the news are oriented to regular tasks of each account type.


Generally Plesk News frame can be closed with Close the News button in the bottom of the frame, and this frame will not be shown anymore in the next logins to Plesk interface.

The option to hide news is independent for every Plesk account and there are no option to close news server-wide for all accounts. If it is needed to close news for accounts without logging into panel, the changes like below may be done in Plesk database, for example the changes may be done by custom script which will be called using Even Manager feature in Plesk.

The examples below are for MySQL database engine. In case of using MSSQL or JET please use SQL Management studio or MS Access to change correspondent values in mentioned tables.

To hide news for Plesk admin account you should login to MySQL with:

# mysql  -uadmin -p`cat /etc/psa/.psa.shadow ` psa

and run the queries:

mysql> INSERT INTO misc VALUES ('admin_news_dismissed',3);

To hide news frame for Plesk client account (replace cl_id with an ID of needed Client, it can be known from from psa.clients table):

mysql> INSERT INTO cl_param VALUES (cl_id,'news_dismissed',3);

To hide news frame for Plesk domain administrator account (replace dom_id with an ID of needed domain, it can be known from from table):

mysql> INSERT INTO dom_param VALUES (dom_id,'news_dismissed',3);

To hide news frame for Plesk mail account (replace mn_id with an ID of needed mail account, it can be known from from psa.mail table):

mysql> INSERT INTO mn_param VALUES (mn_id,'news_dismissed',3);


The value in above commands specifies what News block number should be hidden (including News blocks with less numbers). At the moment News blocks are issued during major Plesk releases, e.g.: News block #1 for 8.0, #2 for 8.1, #3 for 8.2, #4 for 8.3. So that the value 3 in above commands means that News up to Plesk 8.2 will be hidden.

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