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  • Virtuozzo containers for Windows

What is Virtuozzo Support Tunnel

Virtuozzo provides you with a special tool, Virtuozzo Support Tunnel, which allows you to establish a private and secure channel to the Odin support team server.

After establishing such a channel, the support team will be able to quickly and securely connect to your Node and diagnose and solve your problem. The secure connection to your server is achieved through a Virtual Private Network (VPN) created between the Odin support team server and your Hardware Node.

Getting certificate

  1. To receive a certificate, please visit, and submit the request Virtuozzo Support Certificate form.

    Note: A certificate will be generated and sent to the email address you provided in the form.

  2. After you have received a certificate it should be copied to the "%vz_installdir%\Licenses" folder on your node.

Establishing VPN connection

  1. Make sure that your Hardware Node is connected to the Internet.

    Note: To establish a VPN connection, Virtuozzo Support Tunnel tool connects to "" by using 80 port. If the HTTP proxy server is used in your network environment, you should add the http-proxy directive to the configuration file "C:\Program Files\SWsoft\VZVPN\Config\client.ovpn" and make sure that access is not restricted to the "" server. If the proxy server requires authentication, please refer to this article about configuring authentication modes.

  2. On the Node:

    Start > Programs > Parallels > Parallels Virtuozzo Containers > Virtuozzo Support Tunnel  

    The VZVPN, or InstallShield Wizard, will automatically launch and perform all of the necessary operations to open the Support Tunnel session. The InstallShield Wizard will ask you to specify a password of your choice for a temporary account that will be created to access your Hardware Node from the outside during the Support Tunnel session. After entering the desired password into the fields provided, click OK to establish a VPN connection between your Node and the Odin support server.

    Note: When closing the Support Tunnel, the temporary account will be permanently deleted from the Node.

  3. Contact the Odin support team (by telephone or via e-mail) and inform them of the issue you have encountered. You should also mention that you have launched the Virtuozzo Support Tunnel tool and established a VPN connection to the Odin support server. The Odin support representative will ask you to provide the password you created on Step 2.

  4. Once you are connected to the Odin support team with Virtuozzo Support Tunnel, your service representative will closely examine the issue and do their best to solve the issue as quickly as possible.

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