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  • Applies to:
  • Virtuozzo containers for Windows 4.6


  1. Backup all containers for emergency.

  2. Run Virtuozzo autoinstaller vzinstall.exe, choose Download only mode. Once components list is fetched, please choose architecture and language you have installed on this node, click OK. Autoinstaller will download both SP1 and SP2 templates.

    Note: If you run vzinstall.exe on SP1 server it does not download SP2 template, because the tool checks SP level of the server and downloads corresponding templates only. You may use computer with different OS (e.g. Windows XP/Vista) to download required templates.

  3. Go to download folder specified on step 2 and find downloaded OS template archive: e.g. w2k3en\_SP2\_x86.ex_

  4. Rename it to w2k3en\_SP2\_x86.exe and run to extract template .efd file.

    E.g. it would be w2k3sp2\_std\_20070911\_en\_x86.efd

  5. Remove old cache of w2k3sp1.efd from \vz\templates\_cache folder.

  6. Copy the extracted w2k3sp2\_std\_20070911\_en\_x86.efd to \vz\Templates\_cache folder.

  7. Stop all containers, including the Service Container:

    for /F "skip=2 usebackq tokens=*" %i in (`cmd /c "vzlist -o veid"`) do vzctl stop %i
  8. Ensure that all containers are stopped using vzlist -a command.

  9. Uninstall current w2k3 OS template:

    vzpkgdeploy -u w2k3

    Ensure that \vz\Templates\w2k3 folder is removed.

  10. Install Microsoft Windows 2003 Service Pack 2 on the Node.

  11. Install w2k3 sp2 OS template:

    `vzpkgdeploy -i w2k3sp2_std_20070911_en_x86`

    Independently of complex template name it will be unpacked in \vz\Templates\w2k3 folder.

  12. Reboot the Node.


Please see upgrade procedure for Virtuozzo 3.5.1 here.

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