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Parallels Virtuozzo Containers for Windows 4.5 or below is EOLed version. Consider upgrading PVC to supported versions according to the instructions from this KB:

Planning upgrade from Parallels Virtuozzo Containers for Windows 4.0 and 4.5 to 4.6


Warnings: - Be aware that re-installation of the Service Container (SCT) rebuilds the SQL database which stores statistics about CPU/memory/network usage of Containers residing on the server. - Users, backup tasks, security settings, and other PIM-related items are stored in the Service Container of the Master Node. - Re-installation of SCT in a clustered environment requires additional actions.

We recommend performing the below steps to save an old SCT instance for backup purposes:

<div class="commandline"><code>vzmlocal -C 1:2
vzctl set 2 --onboot no --save
vzctl set 2 --offline_management no --save
vzctl set 2 --ipdel all --save</code></div>

The Service Container (formerly Service VE) can be reinstalled, either though Parallels Virtuozzo Tools Configuration Wizard (Start, All Programs, Parallels, Virtuozzo Tools, Virtuozzo Tools Configuration Wizard), or by using the CLI command:

vzsveinstall -s IP.ADD.RE.SS -w -f

(Replace "IP.ADD.RE.SS" with the appropriate IP address of the service container hereafter.)

If it is necessary to enable Agent 3.5.1 version compatibility mode, you need to either to toggle "on" the appropriate checkbox in Virtuozzo Tools Configuration Wizard, or use the -c option in the CLI command:

vzsveinstall -s IP.ADD.RE.SS -c -w -f

Reinstallation of SCT on a Windows 2008 server also requires you to use the "-t w2k8" option:

vzsveinstall -s IP.ADD.RE.SS -c -w -f -t w2k8

If a HW Node is to be managed by a provisioning system or PMC using the IP address of the HW Node, the "-s IP.ADD.RE.SS" option should be omitted from the vzsveinstall command. Thus, SCT will be created in NAT mode and with a private IP.

When SCT reinstallation is complete, start the vzagent service:

net start vzaop

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