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How do I change the IP of my server in Helm?


Firstly in Helm you'll need to add the new IP address, and assign it to a server. You can do this here:

Home > System Settings > IP Address Manager

Once done, you need to update the communication IP for your server:

Home > System Settings > Servers > YOUR SERVER

The communication IP is the IP at the top, under your server name. Change this IP to the new IP and click "Save".

If this IP was also used for your websites then you'll also need to update the Host Header for all the sites and the DNS zones on your DNS server too. From version 3.2.4 onwards, you can use the Helm Restore Tool to change from the old IP to the new IP on all domains. Before you use this though, you will need to go into the Web Service:

Home > System Settings > Servers > YOUR SERVER > Web Service

Choose the new IP from the drop down box and click Save. Repeat this for any other service that uses that IP (FTP, Mail, etc). You can then run the Helm Restore Tool on each service and this will assign the new IP to all domains.

The Helm Restore Tool can be found in the Tools folder of the Helm installation folder.

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