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  • Virtuozzo containers for Linux


Synopsis:      New Parallels Virtuozzo Containers 4.0 tools update provides
               fixes related to Containers networking and migration
Issue date:    2008-02-01
Product:       Parallels Virtuozzo Containers 4.0
Keywords:      vzctl vznetcfg vzmigrate vzstat

1. Topic:

 Updated packages for Parallels Virtuozzo Containers 4.0 providing user-level
 tools fixes for Container networking and migration functionality.

2. Problem description:

 - Under certain conditions, live migration may terminate some of the processes
   running on the Source Node.

 - The vznetcfg utility does not work if the /tmp directory is located on a
   separate partition.

 - The vznetcfg utility does not activate a VLAN interface after its creation;
   so, Container network adapters added to a bridge over such a VLAN do not

 - A device added to your Container using the --devnodes option of the vzctl set
   command does not persist after the Container restart.

 - The bondX interfaces are not processed on the Container start.

3. Affected components description:

 - vzctl is the primary tool for Container management. This utility is used to
   create a Container, start and stop it, configure Container parameters, etc.

 - vzprocps is a set of two utilities - vzps and vztop. These utilities can be
   run on the Hardware Node just as the standard Linux ps and top utilities.
   vzps and vztop provide certain additional functionality related to monitoring
   individual Containers running on the Node.

 - vzstat is a set of tools used to monitor the state of your Hardware Node
   and their Containers.

 - vznetcfg is a utility used to manage Virtuozzo networks and VLANs on the
   Hardware Node.

 - vzmigrate is a utility used to move Containers from one Hardware Node to

4. Bug fixes

 #98266 - if /tmp is on separate partition, vznetcfg doesn't work

 #98109 - VLAN is down after creation from Parallels Infrastructure Manager

 #98281 - vzarp doesn't detect bondX interfaces

 #98129 - device added to Container using --devnodes disappears after restart

 #98131 - 'cp -r' does not work on plain non-Virtuozzo kernels

 #96464 - Parallels Agent kills some processes on Source Node during live

 #97347 - VEID column should be renamed to CTID

5. Obtaining:

 This update can be downloaded via ftp from
 If you do not have an ftp account, please contact

 You can also download and install this tools update using the vzup2date
 utility included in the Virtuozzo Containers 4.0 distribution.

6. Installation:

 First, use the "rpm -Fhv" command to install the new Virtuozzo Containers
 tools packages.

 # rpm -Fhv virtuozzo-release-4.0.0-423.swsoft.i386.rpm \
 vzctl-4.0.0-192.swsoft.i386.rpm \
 vzctl-lib-4.0.0-192.swsoft.i386.rpm \
 vzmigrate-4.0.0-122.swsoft.i386.rpm \
 vznetcfg-4.0.0-109.swsoft.i386.rpm \
 vznetcfg-lib-4.0.0-109.swsoft.i386.rpm \
 vzprocps-3.2.3-8.20.swsoft.i386.rpm \
 vzrmon-4.0.0-26.swsoft.i386.rpm \
 vzstat-4.0.0-26.swsoft.i386.rpm \

 Then make sure that the Service Container on the Node is running and
 issue the following command:

 # vzsveupgrade --skip-client -d <path_to_this_update_directory>

 The update does not require Virtuozzo restart or system reboot.

7. RPMs required:

The following RPM packages are included in the tools update:


Copyright(c) 2008 Parallels.

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