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  • Virtuozzo containers for Windows


After removing a data inside of the container, its root.efd file was not deflated.


This is expected behavior, container's disk image should be shrinked manually or automatically.

More Information

Parallels Containers for Windows has auto shrink option which shrink disk space automatically ever 30 minutes.

You can find and adjust some shrink parameters under the following registry key: HKEY\LOCAL\MACHINE\SOFTWARE\SWSoft\Virtuozzo\Shrink

SleepTime - time interval before next auto shrink run. By default it is configured to 1800 seconds

MinFreePortion - the threshold in percent, must be grater than 10.

MinFreeBytes - Minimal unused virtual disk size.

If the ratio  (CTDiskImageSize - CTUsedDiskSpace) / CTDiskSize is greater than MinFreePortion, and if VpsDiskImageSize - VpsUsedDiskSpace is greater that MinFreeBytes, then Virtuozzo Management Service initiates disk shrinking.

It is also possible to start shrinking manually using vzctl shrink CTID command, e.g. to shrink drive C of CT 333:

vzctl shrink 333 --drive C: 

The command is asynchronous and returns immediately after the start. One may check the status of shrinking use this command:

vzdskctl check_shrink_status {GUID}

Where {GUID} can be found with vzcfgt get 333 GUID

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