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Synopsis: New Parallels Infrastructure Manager 4.0 update provides fixes related to SSO, SOAP, Containers migration between Hardware Nodes, VZP2V migration, Parallels Virtuozzo Containers CLI interface, and template management functionality.
Issue date: 03-27-2008
Product: Parallels Infrastructure Manager 4.0
Keywords: sso soap backups network samples p2v template snmp

1. Topic:

Updated packages for Parallels Infrastructure Manager 4.0 providing user-level
 tools fixes for the following functionalities:
 - SSO (Single Sign-On)
 - SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol)
 - Migrating Containers between Hardware Nodes
 - Migrating physical servers to Containers on the Hardware Node
 - Parallels Virtuozzo Containers command line interface
 - Template management.

2. Problem description:

- The "Single Sign-On" (SSO) functionality is not supported in Parallels
   Infrastructure Manager.

 - It is impossible to install some templates in Containers during their

 - An error occurs when listing the templates installed on the Hardware Node
   that is included in a logical folder having one or more special characters
   in its name.

 - Working with localized versions of Parallels Power Panel may result in
   JavaScript errors.

 - The "Memory" tab of the Hardware Node's "Resources" page in Parallels
   Infrastructure Manager does not display Containers mounted in the repair

 - The "pkgm.install" API call used to add application templates to your
   Containers returns a wrong error code if the corresponding template is
   already installed inside the Container for which the operation was executed.

 - SNMP responses may contain incorrect names of the templates installed inside
   your Containers.

 - User names containing special characters may be processed incorrectly by
   Parallels Infrastructure Manager.

 - Parallels Infrastructure Manager may display incorrect disk usage values for
   your Hardware Node.

 - Parallels Power Panel may be used to perform "Session Riding" attacks, which
   allow you to change user passwords inside your Containers.

 - Parallels Infrastructure Manager may display incorrect information in actions
   logs for Container-running tasks.

 - In Parallels Infrastructure Manager, it is impossible to create a Container
   having two or more bridged network adapters installed.

 - The "Number of Containers Allowed by License" field of the Hardware Node's
   "Summary" page may display incorrect information if the Virtuozzo Containers
   license installed on the Node does not set any limits on the number of
   Containers that you are allowed to simultaneously run on this Node.

 - The "Refresh" button at the bottom of the "Tasks" page may be confused with
   that displayed at the top of this page.

 - You may experience problems with choosing a Hardware Node registered in the
   Virtuozzo Group when installing the Parallels Virtuozzo Containers license on this Node via
   Parallels Infrastructure Manager.

 - An error may occur when creating a new Container using the "vzaenvm"
   Parallels Agent interface.

 - The "system/get_vocabulary" response may contain invalid namespaces.

 - In some places, "VE" is not renamed to "Container."

 - Obscure diagnostic messages are displayed if the "vzmigrate" utility cannot
   connect to the Destination Node.

 - The "vzarestore --list" command may show an incorrect size for large
   Container backups.

 - The process of restoring a Container from its backup stored on a remote
   Hardware Node with the "vzrestore" utility may fail.

 - Restarting the Parallels Agent software on the Hardware Node using the
   "vzagent_ctl restart" command may change the current permissions of the
   /etc/hosts file.

 - You may experience problems during Parallels Virtuozzo Containers installation if
   the X:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc file on your physical server contains
   lines longer than 20 symbols or if the "Administrator" user cannot write to
   this file.

 - Under certain conditions, Service Container creation may fail due to
   problems with the ADAM configuration.

 - Timeout may occur when migrating Containers that are large in size.

 - VZMC 3.0 does not show UBC resource logs for Hardware Nodes running
   Parallels Virtuozzo Containers 4.0.

 - Users belonging to external authentication databases registered in Parallels
   Infrastructure Manager and having the administrative rights within this
   database can log in to the Hardware Node, even they have no appropriate
   permissions in Infrastructure Manager.

 - Under certain conditions, a Hardware Node running Windows Server 2003
   cannot be registered in the Virtuozzo Group having the Linux Master Node.
 - You cannot migrate physical servers running Red Hat Linux 7.3 to a Container
   on the Hardware Node.

 - It is impossible to copy application templates between Windows Hardware Nodes
   in the Virtuozzo Group if the Master Node in this Group is running a Linux
   operating system.

 - It is impossible to migrate a physical server to a Container on the Hardware
   Node if the server and the Node have different Windows Server 2003 Service
   Packs installed.

- Containers created by means of p2v migration and connected to some Virtual Network on the Hardware Node during the migration cannot be started.

 All Parallels Infrastructure Manager 4.0 users are advised to update their
 tools packages.

3. Affected components description:

- Parallels Infrastructure Manager is a tool designed for managing Hardware
   Nodes and all Containers residing on them with the help of a standard web
   browser on any platform.

 - Parallels Management Console is a Parallels Virtuozzo Containers management and
   monitoring tool with a graphical user interface. It is used to control
   individual Hardware Nodes and their Containers. Management Console is
   cross-platform and runs on both Microsoft Windows and Linux workstations.

 - Parallels Power Panel is a means for administering individual Containers
   with the help of a standard Web browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla, etc.)
   on any platform.
 - Parallels Agent (or Parallels Agent Protocol) is an XML-based protocol
   used to monitor and manage Hardware Nodes and their Containers. The
   Parallels Agent software implements this protocol and is a backend for
   Parallels Virtuozzo Containers tools (Parallels Infrastructure Manager, Parallels Management
   Console, and Parallels Power Panel).

4. Bug fixes:

98145:     can't create Container with two bridged network interfaces
97047:     failure to create Container
97217:     Container stops after executing envm.set with set_mode="restart"
97927:     SSO login reports error 4505
98156:     invalid namespaces in system/get_vocabulary response
98172:     SSO login reports error 4504
98631:     get_vocabulary response is incorrect
98664:     origin_sample element description is absent from documentation and schemas
99402:     SSO::createauthnrequest fails with 4505 code
95875: should understand core of vzagent_compat
96980:     old terminology in vzmigrate usage
96981:     old terminology in vzp2v usage
96990:     old terminology in vzarestore usage
97744:     vzlic read_cpus_info failed : code #-1
97863:     incorrect error description in Management Console
97970:     need to add Virtuozzo tools installation logs
98167:     vzarestore --list shows incorrect size for large Container backups
98219:     bad output of "vzrestore" without arguments
98220:     vzrestore cannot restore backups from remote Node
98449:     vzbackup compatibility is broken
98948:     vzbackup storage set does not set default backup location on a share
99092:     "vzbackup storage" backs up Container instead of showing utility usage
99105:     vzagent_ctl changes /etc/hosts permissions
99270:     fails to store vzsveaddress in ...\drivers\etc\hosts if it contains long strings
99302:     can't create Container backup via Parallels Infrastructure Manager
99329:     vztcmdapi utility help pages contain obsolete terminology
99338:     can't create Service Container
99422:     v2v migration via Parallels Infrastructure Manager fails after 5 minute timeout
99480:     vzrestore.cmd incorrectly parses remote Node options
97877:     obsolete terminology in Parallels Infrastructure Manager tutorial
98252:     unable to set up bridged network for two Containers
98458:     can't choose Hardware Node when installing Parallels Virtuozzo Containers license
99271:     error occurs when adding a Container to a logical folder
99284:     incorrect value is shown in the "Number of Containers Allowed by License" field
97251:     "get" returns error code "-17"
99587:     there are no UBC resource logs for 4.0 Hardware Nodes
99515:     need to sync credentials for "Virtuozzo internal" database users
99524:     it is possible to log in to Node via Parallels Infrastructure Manager as a user from the Administrator group, even you have no permissions
99570:     error occurs when registering Node running Windows Server 2003 in Parallels Infrastructure Manager
98234:     HP SiteScope cannot compile swsoft-virtuozzo-mib
97925:     vzpkgmonitor produces a lot of empty dumps
98137:     Containers connected to Virtual Networks are not listed on Virtual Network Properties page
98231:     VZLSecurityMLocal::Data::parseTaskProperties leaks due to incorrect logic
98317:     VZLTLS may leak if several subsequent attaches are called
99253:     backup description is not shown in the list of backups
99336:     crash in vzlpager.dll
97714:     application error when clicking on Templates tab in folder with the " />" name
97773:     incorrect format for Proxy Settings field
98186:     JavaSript error when trying to manage applications in localized versions of Parallels Power Panel
98399:     Containers in repair state are not shown on Node->Resources->Memory page
97268:     pkgm.install returns incorrect error code
99468:     allows non-administrator login only in case of "vzcp" existence in cookie/origin
99653:     Slave Node is shown as "offline" after registration
97082:     logo in Add/Remove Programs wizard should be updated
98699:     new logo and name "Parallels" should be shown while uninstalling hotfix update
97001:     can't create Container on the basis of sample
97603:     vzaop crash; race condition in security checks
97831:     bad diagnostics when trying to add non-existent Node to Virtuozzo Group
98084:     VZLComplexRequestHandler::start should return 0 on success
98105:     VZLEnvCacheUpdater::handleEvent inserts new entry about absent Container
98136:     Parallels Infrastructure Manager does not list samples from Slave Node
98384:     incorrect namespaces for venv_configType in responses of create and get_info methods of vzaenvm interface
97893:     vzp2v does not work for Redhat 7.3
97950:     cannot copy Windows application templates using Parallels Infrastructure Manager
98347:     application error occurs if user name contains incorrect symbols
99358:     application error when logging in to Parallels Infrastructure Manager as user with Container management role
99153:     Parallels Infrastructure Manager contains incorrect help page
98567:     "Log on as" field on the Service Management page is always empty
99016:     "Session Riding" attacks are possible in Parallels Power Panel
97553:     Backup to network share does not work
98881:     TAR-based backup support should be disabled on Linux Nodes

97581:  it should be possible to perform p2v migration if another Service Pack is installed on physical server

99300: Cannot start migrated CT with bridged adapter

5. Obtaining and Installation:


On the Virtuozzo Windows host, run Virtuozzo Update Wizard (vzupdate.exe) and follow the instructions. This wizard will install all the recent Parallels Infrastructure Manager updates and hotfixes in the correct sequence.

The update does not require a Virtuozzo restart or system reboot.

Please see how to check the current Parallels Infrastructure Manager version and number of installed Parallels Infrastructure Manager updates.


This update can be downloaded via FTP from If you do not have an FTP account, please contact

You can also download and install this tools update using the vzup2date utility included in the Parallels Virtuozzo Containers 4.0 distribution.

First, use the "rpm -Fhv" command to install the new Parallels Virtuozzo Containers
tools packages.

# rpm -Fhv ssohelper-4.0.0-8.swsoft.i386.rpm \
virtuozzo-release-4.0.0-425.swsoft.i386.rpm \
virtuozzo-tools-4.0.0-440.19.swsoft.i386.rpm \
vzabackup-4.0.0-45.swsoft.i386.rpm \
vzagent-compat-lib-4.0.0-76.swsoft.i386.rpm \
vzagent-compat-opcontrol-4.0.0-76.swsoft.i386.rpm \
vzagent-distribution-4.0.0-351.20.swsoft.i386.rpm \
vzagent-opcontrol-4.0.0-351.20.swsoft.i386.rpm \
vzagent-srvcontrol-4.0.0-351.20.swsoft.i386.rpm \
vzlinmigrate-lib-4.0.0-40.7.swsoft.i386.rpm \

Then make sure that the Service Container on the Node is running and
issue the following command:

# vzsveupgrade --skip-client -d <path_to_this_update_directory>

The update does not require a Parallels Virtuozzo Containers restart or system reboot.

RPMs Required:

The following RPM packages are included in the tools update:


d02f9caf3e11b191a38179103495106f 2897d76d56d2010f4e3a28f864d69223

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