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Windows Datacenter edition is installed on the node. After upgrade from Virtuozzo 3.5.1 to PVC 4.0 all CTs do not start.

The following error appers:

C:\Documents and Settings\ZArmaGuedon>vzctl start 105
Starting container ...
Unexpected error 0x0 SCM(Service Control Manager) startup waiting timeout for co
ntainer 105
Container 105 is not started
Exec '@VzOnShutdown' failed in container 105

New created CTs start without any problems.


Most likley the reason of the problem is that Virtuozzo 3.5.1 for Standard/Enterprise Windows versions was used and as sequence all CTs were created based on Enterprise/Standard template.  When upgrade is done PVC 4 installs Datacenter templates as it detects Windows edition automatically.

As Datacenter is different than Enterprise/Standard template, containers fail to start.


Note: This configuration is not valid and the best way is to have another Standard/Enterprise node and move these containers there.

However as workaround the following things might be done:

1. Stop ServiceCT and any other running containers(if any)

vzctl stop 1

2. Undeploy current w2k3 template (now it is w2k3 for DC)

vzpkgdeploy -u w2k3

Do the same for w2k3_r2, if you have one installed.

3. Move \vz\Templates\__cache\w2k3<full_template_name>.efd out of \vz\Templates folder.

Note: Please ensure that there are not old even renamed templates neither in \vz\Templates nor in \vz\Templates\__cache

4. Copy old Enterprise/Standard template  from \vz\Templates\__cache\oldtemplates\w2k3.efd to \vz\Templates\__cache\w2k3.efd

5. Deploy w2k3 template:

vzpkgdeploy -i w2k3

6. Recreate ServiceCT

7. Start all Conatiners.

Please note that new container created on DC template after upgrade won't start.

Note: This solution is just a kind of workaround and cannot guarantee proper Containers work in the future. So, the best way it to have a node with Standard or Enterprise Windows Edition and move Containers there.

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