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  • Applies to:
  • Virtuozzo containers for Linux 4.0
  • Virtuozzo containers for Windows 4.0


Synopsis: New Parallels Management Console 4.0 update provides fixes related to Containers management, migration, backup, and restore functionality
Issue date: 2008-04-21
Product: Parallels Management Console 4.0
Keywords: compat Parallels Management Console migration backup restore

1. Topic:

Updated packages for Parallels Management Console 4.0 providing user-level tools fixes for the following functionality:

 - migrating Containers between Hardware Nodes;
 - managing Container backups;
 - viewing system and Virtuozzo logs;
 - logging in to Containers via Parallels Infrastructure Manager and Parallels Power Panels.

2. Problem description:

- It is impossible to clear the ‘Remove Container private area’ checkbox in Parallels Management Console when migrating Containers from Hardware Nodes running Virtuozzo 3.5.1 to Hardware Nodes having Virtuozzo Containers 4.0 installed.

- Parallels Management Console may crash when viewing the system and Virtuozzo logs collected on your Hardware Nodes.

 - It is impossible to use Parallels Management Console to log in to a Hardware Node or its Containers via Parallels Infrastructure Manager or Parallel Power Panel after installing update 400002 on this Node.

 - Virtuozzo Management Console does not show the VE status bar when it lists the Virtual Environments currently existing on the Hardware Node.

 - A message displayed when connecting to Hardware Nodes that were upgraded to Virtuozzo Containers 4.0 via Parallels Management Console should be improved.

 - It is impossible to edit the properties of those Virtual Environments that reside on Hardware Nodes running Virtuozzo Containers 4.0 and  registered in Parallels Management Console by using the Service VE IP address and the ‘vzagent0’ credentials.

 - The functionality of restoring the Service VE via Parallels Management Console should be dropped.

 - The ‘SWsoft’ inscription should be replaced with the ‘Parallels ‘ one in the ‘Report Problem’ window.

 - Removing an intermediate backup from an incremental backup chain in Parallels Management Console may result in breaking this backup chain.

3. Affected components:

- Parallels Management Console is a Virtuozzo Containers management and monitoring tool with graphical user interface. It is used to control individual Hardware Nodes and their Containers. Management Console is cross-platform and runs on both Microsoft Windows and Linux workstations.

4. Bug fixes:

- 99634 The Remove CT private area checkbox is greyed out during Container migration

- 97882 Parallels Management Console crashes when viewing logs

 - 100547 Login to Parallels Power Panel failed after upgrade

 - 92296 VE status isn’t shown in VE list at the bottom of VZMC screen

 - 99805 Need to improve warning message for connecting to upgraded Nodes

 - 96775 ‘Target global is not found’ error is shown

 - 97903 ‘Processing of the request was icomplete’ error is displayed during Service VE restoring

 - 97890 ‘Report Problem’ screen shows a message with old company name

 - 100082 Can’t delete incremental backups from 3.x Hardware Nodes with Parallels Management Console 4.0

5. Obtaining and Installation:


On the Virtuozzo Windows host, run Virtuozzo Update Wizard  (vzupdate.exe)  and follow the instructions.   This wizard will install all the recent Parallels Infrastructure Manager updates and hotfixes in the correct sequence.

The update does not require Virtuozzo restart or system reboot.

Please see how to check current Parallels Infrastructure Manager version and number of installed Parallels Infrastructure Manager updates.



This update can be downloaded via ftp from If you do not have an ftp account, please contact

First, use the "rpm -Fhv" command to install the new Virtuozzo Containers

tools packages.

# rpm -Fhv pmc-4.0.0-184.swsoft.i386.rpm \

The update does not require Virtuozzo restart or system reboot.

RPMs Required:

The following RPM packages are included in the tools update:


28d0f7cc091e3b9304fa556c03f9a940 35c16f1fded8e42577cb3df16429c57a 965b49118115a610e93635d21c5694a8 d02f9caf3e11b191a38179103495106f e8e50b42231236b82df27684e7ec0beb 2897d76d56d2010f4e3a28f864d69223

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