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  • Applies to:
  • Virtuozzo containers for Windows 4.0


This article might be useful in case your PVC setup fails in the clustered environment (very possible if you make a simple mistake during the active node setup.


Note: Normally Virtuozzo can be uninstalled in usual way without any problems. This article should be applied only in case Virtuozzo cannot be uninstalled through Add/Remove Programs.

1. Uninstall products in the following order:


Don’t reboot

2. Run Cluster Administrator : Start, Run, cluadmin 

Under Groups, select the PVC group (the one you created with iSCSI/SCSI disk for \vz). Delete “Virtuozzo VZFS Database”, it will ask if you want to delete the other related resources – say yes. You will typically end up with “Disk”, “IP address” and “Network Name”. You can delete “IP address” and “Network Name” if the values there are wrong (usual situation). If they are good – your choice.

3. Run command prompt: Start, Run, cmd.exe:

a) To delete service leftover in Services, please use:

sc delete dbsrv

b) To delete resource types from the Cluster Admin:

for %i in ("Virtuozzo CT" "Virtuozzo Template Update Service" "Virtuozzo Agent" "Virtuozzo Agent Compat" "Virtuozzo Server" "Virtuozzo VZFS Database" "Virtuozzo VE" ) do cluster restype %i /delete /type

4. Reboot the server

5. Delete: c:\program files\swsoft (and c:\program files(x86)\swsoft), c:\vzlog

6. Open ‘cluadmin’ and move your VZ group to your server, delete leftovers in VZ partition (if any). Make sure the basic cluster is clean and functional (no exclamation marks, etc.)

7. Delete PVC service/driver leftovers: Start, Run, cmd.exe:

for %a in (vzwatchdog vzwdogsrv vzupsvc vztmplupsvc vzsrv vzksal VZAOp dbsrv vzaopcompat) do sc delete %a

At this point it should be possible to do a clean install again.

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