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Mail users get "Login failed" error if they are trying to get mail via POP3/IMAP or send mail via SMTP after upgrade to Plesk 8.4. The problem occurs in case if "Use of short (webmaster) and full ( POP3/IMAP mail account names is allowed" option is enabled on the Server->Mail page in Plesk CP.


First of all upgrade to Plesk version.

If the problem still exists, run the script that is attached to this article in order to fix the problem.

If it does not help and you get "no such user" error in /usr/local/psa/var/log/maillog, for example during IMAP connections, make sure that all Plesk packages were upgraded to the Plesk 8.4 build (build84080*). Because Plesk 8.4 uses new optimized mail authorization mechanism that may not work with the old packages. On RPM based OSes you can check it with the command like:
# rpm -qa | grep psa | grep -v 840

For Ubuntu 7.10 i386 users only:  mail_auth_dump utility does not work correctly with package libdb4.4 = 4.4.20-8.1ubuntu3.1 from gutsy-updates repository. As a result main mail-auth data file /var/lib/plesk/mail/auth/passwd.db is not created/updated and users cannot be authorized. To solve the issue:

- check what exactly libdb4.4 version do you have installed:

# apt-cache policy libdb4.4
Installed: 4.4.20-8.1ubuntu3.1 <<<<<<<<
Candidate: 4.4.20-8.1ubuntu3.1

- If you have exactly 4.4.20-8.1ubuntu3.1 installed -> downgrade libdb4.4 package to 4.4.20-8.1ubuntu3 release from gutsy/main repository:

# apt-get install libdb4.4=4.4.20-8.1ubuntu3

- regenerate mail-auth data file /var/lib/plesk/mail/auth/passwd.db:
# /usr/local/psa/admin/sbin/mail_auth_dump

- check that mail-auth data is up2date:
# /usr/local/psa/admin/sbin/mail_auth_view


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