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NOTE: This article is about an outdated version of Parallels Server.
For newer versions please refer to:

113549 How to find out release and build for Parallels Server Bare Metal


Connect to Parallels Server with Parallels Management Console.

On the Summary page of the connected server you will see Software Version digits separated by dots. Two first digits are the version, the next four are build.

On the example below, version is 3.0 and the build is 4905:

Also you can find out Parallels Server version and build from the command line. To do so, please issue the following command on Parallels Server host in question: 

# prlsrvctl info

It will result in the output alike to given below where 'Version' string contains version and build information for current Parallels Server installation:

ID: {ff74a89b-ad9f-4b6b-a3b5-d45ac9780e5c}
Version: Server 3.0.5403.413162
OS: Linux Version 2.6.18-028stab062.6
VM home: /var/parallels
Memory limit: auto
Minimal security level: normal
Manage settings for new users: deny
License: state='valid' name='Administrator' company='Parallels' key='3XTP2N-7KW74K-T8JB9F-8TM3P1-P3Q1Q0'

Hardware info:

hdd  ATA ST3250620AS                          '/dev/sda'
hdd-part  Linux                                    '/dev/sda1'
hdd-part                                           '/dev/sda2'
cdrom  TSSTcorpCD/DVDW SH-S183                  '/dev/scd0'
net  eth0                                     'eth0'
net  vnic0                                    'vnic0'
net  vnic1                                    'vnic1'
serial  /dev/ttyS0                               '/dev/ttyS0'
parallel  /dev/lp0                                 '/dev/lp0'

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