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System Requirements

Before installing Parallels Plesk Billing, make sure your server meets our minimum system requirements. In this document, hosting environment will be referred to as server.

Parallels Plesk Billing Bundled Distribution

Configure your server to meet software and hardware requirements that are sufficient for running Parallels Plesk Panel. For details, please check system requirements of Parallels Plesk Panel installation.

Parallels Plesk Billing Standalone Distribution

Note: We highly recommend running Parallels Plesk Billing on a dedicated server as opposed to a shared hosting account so that you have full control over the settings in your environment and your sensitive customer data is kept separate from other sites.

  • Operating System: Linux (RedHat, CentOS, Gentoo, etc).
  • Hardware Requirements: at least 1GHz CPU, 512MB RAM, 2GB HD.
  • Web Servers for Unix: Apache or Lighttpd.
  • PHP 5.1.6* or higher.
  • PHP configuration:
    • memory_limit (set to 64M or higher)
    • safe_mode: (set to Off)
    • register_long_arrays: (set to On)
    • error_reporting: (set to 2039)
    • open_basedir: (left unset)

      Note: We do not support Suhosin. Parallels Plesk Billing will not install or operate in a PHP/Suhosin environment.

  • Required PHP Modules:
    • curl
    • gd
    • mysql or mysqli
    • openssl
    • pcre
    • xml
    • zlib
  • Database Servers: MySQL 4.0.11 or higher.
  • Fileset Decoders:
Zend Optimizer 3.3.3+ or IonCube Loaders 3.1.32 +

* As "The PHP Group" has officially made the End-of-Life announcement for all versions of PHP 4, we highly advise that you install Parallels Plesk Billing on a server with PHP 5 so as to maintain the most up-to-date and secure environment for your data.

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