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Plesk Billing allows for a number of different kinds of package status. These statuses can be divided into groups based on their behavior. Packages with the status of Pending are new packages, and can be provisioned to a server, but will not be invoiced. Active packages will be invoiced. Suspended packages can be invoiced if if set to in Invoice Settings. No other packages will be invoiced automatically by the system. You can, however, create an invoice for a package with status other than active or suspended by manually generating an invoice through the client details page.

Why have many different kinds of status, when they all behave about the same? Plesk Billing was designed to be a powerful, flexible system. Although it still has strong elements of a web host billing system, it was designed to encompass a broader set of possible uses. For example, if you are using Plesk Billing to sell web design in addition to hosting, you may want to set the web design package as something other than just Active or Completed. You may want to Start the package, it may be In Progress, you may have to Stop the project for some reason, and the project may become Inactive, without ever being Completed. These extra status designations allow you to keep track of general information about such a project right in Plesk Billing. You can change the status of a package at any time.

Status Types and Definitions


By far the most common status for a package is Active. Active packages are those that, as the name implies, are being actively used by a client. This might be a current hosting package, software license, or service subscription. Packages marked Active will be invoiced.


When a client first purchases a package, that package has a status of Pending. Packages marked Pending will not be invoiced beyond the first one.


Packages marked Canceled will not be invoiced.


Packages marked Fraudulent will not be invoiced.


Packages marked Collections will not be invoiced.

Work In Progress

Packages marked Work In Progress will not be invoiced.


Packages marked Suspended will only be invoiced if set to do so in the invoicing rules .


Packages marked Failed will not be invoiced.

Pending Renewal

Domain packages behave a little differently than other packages do. When a domain is approaching its renewal date, and invoice is sent to the client and the package status is set to Pending Renewal. Once the invoice has been paid and the domain actually renewed with the registrar, the package status will again change to Active. Packages marked Pending Renewal will not be invoiced.


Packages marked Expired will not be invoiced.


Packages marked Stopped will not be invoiced.


Packages markes Started will not be invoiced.


Packages marked Submitted will not be invoiced.


Packages marked Completed will not be invoiced.


If you transfer a package from one client to another, this package will be marked as Transferred. Packages marked Transferred will not be invoiced.

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