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Written by Sean Stafford, author of Domain Graduate.

Let's face it, today we live in an "on-demand" world. Not only did your customers want their service setup, they wanted it setup 5 minutes ago. It does not matter if you sell hosting, ISP services, domains, widgets, or online listings, people expect it immediately.

Why is everything so fast paced and expected immediately? Well, one main reason is most providers deliver things instantly. And if you don't provide instant gratification, your would-be customers will find someone who can. When you go to and you register a domain you expect it to be registered immediately. You don't want to wait 24 hours for the order to be want your domain now!

Actually, your customers want it NOW too. That is why it does not make much sense to use an unsupported registrar with your automation solution. If you can provide hosting automatically, you should be able to provide domain registration automatically.

I cannot tell you how many times people have called us to get our advice on what registrar they should use after having a nightmare problem with an unsupported registrar. Imagine getting a customer who signs up for a domain name and web hosting only to wait an hour and figure out that their beloved domain has not been registered (because you have not taken the order and gone to some unsupported 3rd party domain registrar and made the registration by hand). The customer sees the domain has not been registered and then there they go like a paper in the to another company who will register their domain automatically. Unbeknownst to you, you finally get the order and then try to register the domain for that customer only to see that it is already registered.

Now you have to contact the customer and tell them that you are sorry but that domain is no longer available. Then you find out that either the customer has registered the domain himself at one of your competitors or another person all together has registered the domain. More than likely you are going to lose this customer. Even if you are able to save the sale and get them to register another domain, you come out of this entire process looking bad and at the same time you have eaten up all your profits in long distance phone calls back and forth - not to mention the wasted time. More than likely you only make a buck or two off domains, all of that profit for the first year has just gone out the window.

When I ask these customers why they went with an unsupported registrar in the first place, they contend that the domain was 65 cents cheaper then what they could have gotten through ModernDNS.

I am not sure about you, but I know that if it were me that I would much rather spend an additional 65 cents then have to sit by my billing solution day and night waiting for an order to come through so I could then register it in a timely fashion. My sleep, work, and otherwise pleasure time is worth far more than 65, 75 or 95 cents.

What other alternatives are out there? There are many. With the Modernbill billing solution there are a number of providers who integrate seamlessly (and automatically), meaning your customer will only have to wait a few minutes at max in order for the domain name to be registered. No more taking the order and running off to some third party vendor to register the domain. The customer places the order, the money is taken, the account is provisioned and the domain is registered. At this day and age there is little reason for a customer to wait. And with the proper tools they do not have to.

Accounts with are provided by ModernGigabyte LLC, through These accounts provide a quick and rapid domain registration so these (true) horror cases outlined above will never have to happen to you. At the same time you can keep your prices low because you're not taking your own time having to go back and forth between your billing solution and un-integrated registrars. Your Modernbill system will handle things for you automatically so you can do what you do best, sell your product.

In the end it is easier and more cost effective to use a domain registrar that will automatically interface with your billing solution then it is for you to physically type in domains at unsupported registrars to save a few pennies on a domain registration. Save your customers some time, yourself some money, and above all - the headaches of waiting by your software day and night waiting for a customer signup. Spend the additional 65 cents and enjoy your day off!

Happy Hosting!

Sean Stafford

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