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Once the panel configuration page loads, you have the following options available to you.

Server Name:

This is a name used to identify the cPanel Reseller server and is for your own reference purposes only.


This option allows you to disable or enable Plesk Billing's ability to auto-provision to the server. Please note that hosting accounts already tied to the server will continue to function regardless of the "enabled" status of the module.


This is the administrator account's username through which you would like to access your cPanel Reseller server.


This is the domain/IP at which Plesk Billing will attempt to access your cPanel Reseller server's admin interface (i.e. "" -- sans quotes, of course).

cPanel Reseller Access Hash:

This is the access hash generated from within cPanel that corresponds to the username entered above. If they exist, make sure you remove the "------BEGIN WHM ACCESS KEY------" and "-------END WHM ACCESS KEY-------" lines in your cPanel Reseller Access Hash.

Use SSL:

This allows you to connect to your cPanel Reseller server in SSL mode on port 2087 (if your cPanel Reseller is configured for this).

Account Name Rule:

This is the rule by which Plesk Billing will create account usernames for your customers' domain names in cPanel Reseller. Your customers will receive the resulting username in their packageInfo e-mail and may log into the cPanel Reseller user interface with it.

Display a panel login link on the client side?:

This allows you to display a "panel login" link in the Plesk Billing client interface that, when click, will automatically log your customers into their cPanel Reseller account.

Prefix or Suffix

This is added to the beginning or end of the order form input username only if you are using "Add Suffix or "Username Prefix" as the Account Name Rule. Any alphanumeric character is allowed as a prefix/suffix.


This is the sequence that will be added to the end of order form input usernames only if you are using "Add Sequence" as the Account Name Rule. Only numbers are allowed in this field; whatever is entered will automatically increment by one each time a new account is created on the cPanel Reseller server.

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