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The payment groups page is where you configure the Plesk Billing integration with the payment gateway modules you intend to use. You can add several gateway modules to a single payment group, but each must be for the same currency. Further, each currency must have its own payment group.

By default, Plesk Billing creates the first payment group for you. Before you can have Plesk Billing automate the process of collecting payment from your clients, you need to add gateway modules to your payment group, and then configure these gateway modules. This article will cover setting up payment groups. Please see our gateway modules page for a list of supported gateway modules.

Adding Payment Groups

If you are only collecting payment in a single currency (for example, USD or GBP), then you can use the default payment group. Please skip to the next section.

If you need more than one payment group, begin by clicking "add Payment Group in the top, right-hand corner. On the next page, fill in the following:

Payment Group Name:

Add a name for the payment group.

Payment Group Currency:

This is the 3-character ISO 4217 currency code. All transactions using the gateways in this payment group will be made in this currency. Order forms using this payment group will display prices set in this currency.

Add Primary Gateway:

Choose the primary gateway you're going to use for this payment group, if any.

Add Secondary Gateway:

Choose the secondary gateway modules you're going to use for this payment group, if any. If you need to add additional secondary gateway modules, you can do this in the next step.

Then click "add this payment group." You will be taken back to the payment groups page, and should be able to see your new payment group.

Adding Gateway Modules

To add additional gateway modules, click on the pencil icon for the payment group itself. From this screen you can also remove a gateway module, change the payment group name, or change the currency the payment group is associated with. Once you have added all the needed gateway modules to your payment group, you will want to configure your gateway modules.

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