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If your gateway account supports it, you can use Plesk Billing's virtual terminal to connect directly to your gateway account. This can be useful for two main things; testing your connection during the configuration process, and charging a client's card without having to use Plesk Billing's payment process. To use the virtual terminal, please follow these steps:

  1. Click on System -> Payment Settings -> Virtual Terminals. The first page asks two questions:
    Create Income Accounting Entries
    If you would like this transaction to create Income Accounting Entires, please check the box. Generally, you will want to have this checked. If you are testing, however, you may want to uncheck this, as the transactions you are putting through the terminal are not for accounting, but to verify connectivity.
    Please choose the gateway you would like to connect to via the virtual terminal. You will not normally have more than one choice unless you are selling products in multiple curencies.

  2. Click next.
  3. This page acts as the actual terminal. Enter as much information here as you have access to.
    First Name
    Enter the first name of the client to be charged.
    Last Name
    Enter the last name of the client to be charged.
    Customer Email
    Enter the email address of the client to be charged.
    Customer Address
    Enter the client's billing address.
    Enter the suite, of applicable.
    Enter the city of the billing address.
    Enter the state of the billing address.
    Enter the zip code of the billing address.
    Customer Country
    Enter the country for the billing account.
    Enter the client's phone number.
    Enter the client's fax number, if applicable.
    Amount Of Payment
    Enter the exact amount of the payment to be charged.
    Payment Comments
    Enter any comments you want to accompany the payment. You may want to enter your company name here.
    Payment Type
    Enter the payment type here. The virutal terminal will only work with payment types that are enabled in your gateway account.
    Charge Action
    Choose to either authorize this transaction only, or to charge the card.
    Credit Card
    Fill in the credit card information:
    Name on Credit Card
    Enter the client's name as it appears on their credit card.
    Credit Card Type
    Enter the credit card type.
    Credit Card Number
    Enter the credit card number, with no spaces.
    Expiration Date
    Enter the credit card expiration date.
    CVV2 Code
    Enter the client's CVV2 code, if this is required by your gateway.
    Issue Number
    If you are using certain debit cards, you must enter this information (if you do not know what this is, it's likely you don't need to use this).
    Start Date
    Like the Issue Number, If you are using certain debit cards, you must enter this information.
  4. Click charge.

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