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The following will help you configure the settings that govern invoice generation in Plesk Billing.

Billing Mode

Choose the billing mode you'd like to use.

Day of month to bill

This is the day of the month that your billing will happen on if you have the system set to monthly billing mode. Packages will also be prorated to this day if they are proratable. If not, those packages will be billed for in aniversary mode only.

Monthly proration threshold

If you chose monthly billing mode, this date determines whether the client will pay strictly for the partial month they're in, or whether they will pay for the rest of the current month and the next full month.

Invoice Active Clients

Would you like to invoice active clients? Normally, this is Yes

Invoice Suspended Clients

Would you like to invoice suspended clients? Normally, this is No. Setting it to Yes means that invoices will continue to be generated indefinitely.

Invoice Active Packages

Would you like to generate invoices for your active packages? This is normally Yes.

Invoice Suspended Packages

Would you like to invoice suspended packages? This is normally No. Like clients, setting this to yes will tell Plesk Billing to generate invoices for these packages indefinitely.

Send Invoice e-mail notifications

Do you want your clients to get an email letting them know that thier invoice has been generated?

Invoice Number Template

Choose the format you would like Plesk Billing to use for the invoice numbers.

Invoice Sequence

You can choose the invoice number that you would like Plesk Billing to start with.

Invoice Generate Days Before Renew Date

This setting tells Plesk Billing how many days before a package is set to renew you would like an invoice to be generated.

Domain Invoice Generate Days Before Renew Date

Domain package renewals can be treated differently than other renewals. Normally, more time is given to domain renewals, because non-payment can lead to a client losing their domain.

Invoice Due Days After Generation

How many days after the invoice is generated would you like it to be due.

Invoice Line Item Threshold

This number sets the maximum number of line items per invoice. For example, if you have a client with 102 packages, and this value is set to 50, the client will get three invoices. Fifty is generally a good value.

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