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Emails are an integral part of the Plesk Billing system. They are a large part of what makes it possible to automate: when a client needs information, the system will generate and send an email automatically, letting clients know if there is something they need to do or know. Without emails, managers would need to do a lot more work to keep their system up and running.

Setting up Your Locales

Plesk Billing has the ability to send emails in various different languages. Each of these locales must be set up during the configuration process. By default, the system sets up templates of a single locale (usually English). If you have questions about locales in general, you can read this article. To set up additional locales, follow these instructions:

  1. Go to System -> Email Settings -> Email Template Groups.
  2. Choose the template you would like to add a locale to. Click on the green pencil icon to view the edit screen for this template.
  3. In the middle of the page is the Add Locale button. Click this.
  4. Choose the language to associate with the template.
  5. Choose how broadly you would like the template to apply. If you're making a Spanish template, for example, do you want it to be used by Spanish speaking people world-wide? Or just in Spain? Perhaps only in Central America?
  6. If this is going to be the default locale, check the box. The default locale will be applied if no other locale can be found that applies to the client.
  7. Enter a subject for the email template. This is the subject line that each email will use.
  8. Scroll to the bottom of the page, and click save.

Editing Template Content

Whether you've just created a new locale or want to edit the defaults, you will follow the same general instructions. In addition to basic html and text content, you can use a number of predefined variables to populate the emails with information from the database.

  1. If you aren't already at the email templates screen, go to System -> Email Settings -> Email Template Groups.
  2. Here you have a couple of options: you can develop the content on your own, or load our default template and then edit it. If you are looking at using our default templates, we recommend that you reload them before editing to be sure you have the latest version.
    • If you choose to use your own content, you would enter it in the fields Email Template HTML Body and Email Template Text Body. As you edit, you can click preview on most templates and it will allow you to see how your work will be parsed by the system.
    • If you prefer to save time by editing our template, you can scroll to the bottom of the page, choose the template you would like to use, click Tes for both the HTML and text email, and then click reload. You can now edit the template as above.
  3. When you are done editing, be sure to save your work.

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