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  • Virtuozzo containers for Windows 4.0


There are two types of device forwarding in Virtuozzo for Windows 4.0: shared and exclusive.

During shared forwarding the device drivers do not have to be whitelisted (as the device itself is not restarted inside container  and the drivers are not loaded inside containers). For many USB devices the shared forwarding scenario works, even if the device is forwarded to several containers.

for example, shared device forwarding works fine for HASP devices.

If the shared forwarding does not work for a device for any of several reasons (for example, some complex/non-standard device drivers) exclusive device forwarding should be used.
Exlusively forwarded device cannot be forwarded to any other container on the Hardware Node.

In this case the drivers needs whitelisting as they are loaded inside containers. Usually an error apears in event viewer of the container saying the driver was blocked from loading. It means the driver is not included in white list of drivers allowed to be loaded inside containers.

Note: Virtuozzo 4.0 supports Sentinel dongle exclusive device forwarding since VZU400005 update.


More details on commands for device forwarding you can find in the KnowledgeBase article:
How to add external hardware devices (i.e. USB,COM ports) to a VE.

To forward SAN (iSCSI) disk to a container (e.g. to run MSCS cluster software inside) please read: How to forward disk device into container

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