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  • Applies to:
  • Virtuozzo containers for Windows 4.0


First two problems may be discovered in corresponding log files for each update.

msiLog_PIMU0000X update for Parallels Infrastructure Manager 4.0.txt,
Where X - is update number.
Logs located: %SystemDrive%\vzlog\ directory.

1. There is a case when file’s MD5 checksum is mismatched.

It's possible if custom PIM update was installed on the system.
Another possible reason is files are not removed during update installation/uninstallation.
As consequence some files have mismatch of MD5 sum instead of original file.

The following error appears in log file:

ExecProgram: Stderror - File D:\Program Files\SWsoft\Virtuozzo\Updates\vztools\4.0.440.19-4.0.440.31\Backup\bin\vzabackup.exe has wrong md5 sum.

Possible solution is to replace custom file by original one, and reinstall PIM update.
If the solution doesn't help please collect logs from the node and provide it to support team.

2. Update cannot be applied correctly in a case if some of Virtuozzo update was installed but node has not been rebooted.

The error below can be found in msiLog_PIMU00000X update for Parallels Infrastucture Manager 4.0.txt file:

"[ERROR] Failed to install Parallels Infrastructure Manager Update.
One or more operations for updating Parallels Virtuozzo Containers software are pending.
This usually indicates that a Parallels Virtuozzo update was installed but the Hardware Node was not rebooted.
Please reboot the Hardware Node and run the Parallels update installation wizard again."

Solution is to reboot the node and install PIM update.

3. PIM update installation or the service container creation hungs.

Possible problem is wrong bspatch utility provided with PIMU400001 and PIMU400002 updates.
These updates were republished on Virtuozzo update site with correct bspatch.exe tool.

There are two possible ways to fix the issue:

a. Reinstall PIM updates.

    It should be done by using this way:
    - Uninstall PIM updates
    - Remove previously downloaded updates from update cache, all PIMU* files should be removed from folder below:

      %SystemDrive%\Program Files\SWsoft\Virtuozzo\Updates\

    - Download and install PIM updates by means of Virtuozzo Update Wizard

b. Replacement of bspatch.exe file by patched version.

If PIMU400001 or PIMU400002 update hangs during update installation it’s necessary to open TaskManager and kill 'bspatch.exe' process.
Then replace 'bspatch.exe' utility, by new version from PIMU400003 update.
The correct bspatch.exe file should be copied from    

   %SystemDrive%\Program Files\SWsoft\Virtuozzo\Updates\vztools\4.0.440.19-4.0.440.31\Bin\

to the following folders:

   %SystemDrive%\Program Files\SWsoft\Virtuozzo\Updates\vztools\4.0.440.8-4.0.440.9\Bin\
   %SystemDrive%\Program Files\SWsoft\Virtuozzo\Updates\vztools\4.0.440.9-4.0.440.19\Bin\

After that PIM updates will be installed without problems.


installation of PIM update fails

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