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  • Applies to:
  • Virtuozzo containers for Windows 4.0
  • Virtuozzo containers Tools


Refer to the following KB for recommended solution:

Note the backup rotation feature is not implemented in PIM and PMC yet (the last PIM update is PIMU400003 when the kb was written).

The following steps should be taken to configure the backup rotation for containers located on a node.

1. Open PMC, make sure the node is registered in native node, with use of node's administrator account.
2. Right click on the node, choose Tasks, Manage Parallels Agent Configuration;
3. Then expand backupm, configuration, backupm_config and set CHAIN_LENGTH and KEEP_MAX values, where
   - CHAIN_LENGTH is maximum backups chain length (includes one full backup),
   - KEEP_MAX is maximum number of full backups is going to be saved.
4. Create scheduled backup task by using PIM, PMC or Windows Scheduler.

The best way is to set Backup Type to Incremental or Differential type.
In this case if there is no Full backup it will be created automatically.
Then number of incremental/different backups will be created, the number depends on CHAIN_LENGTH value.

Keep in mind that KEEP_MAX value is a number of last full backups that are going to be saved.
There is a known issue, for example: if you set KEEP_MAX to 2 in this case each 4th old full backup and his incremental/differential backups are removed.
It means last three backup chains are saved instead of two, older backup chain (full + incremental/differential) is removed.

Note CHAIN_LENGTH and KEEP_MAX values are deleted each time the service container is recreated. To be able to configure those values again it is necessary to configure at least one backup task in PIM or PMC.

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