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It is not possible to log in to PIM; the following error is displayed:

The Node you are trying to log in to is a Slave Node of a Virtuozzo Group. Only the address of the Master Node of this Group can be used for logging in.

The IP of the Master Node is unknown or it is not possible to unregister the Slave Node.


The IP address of the Master Node can be determined using the "vzagroup" utility, e.g., on the Virtuozzo for Linux Node:

# /opt/vzagent/bin/vzagroup list

The same utility can be used to force the Slave Node from the group – the vzagroup removeFromGroup command should be used in this case.

Additional information

Other options are available from the built-in help, which is shown when the utility is invoked with no parameters:

# /opt/vzagent/bin/vzagroup

Usage: vzagroup <command> <options> <node>

 Master Node commands:

    vzagroup addSlave [--force] USER[:PASSWORD]@ADDRESS

    vzagroup removeSlave USER[:PASSWORD]@ADDRESS

    vzagroup list

 Note: Credentials should be specified to connect to the Slave Node.

 Slave or Single Node commands:

    vzagroup addToGroup USER[:PASSWORD]@ADDRESS

    vzagroup removeFromGroup

 Note: Master Node credentials should be specified.

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