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The following error message is shown when reload Server IP addresses for Plesk Server through Parallels Plesk Expand.

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<packet action_id="4618039" version="">
            <errtext>[Operator] Bad IP address. IP address '' from server #10 ('SERVER10.DOMAIN.TLD') belongs to IP range #1285 which is owned by server #7.</errtext>


When Parallels Plesk Panel #7 (SERVER7.DOMAIN.TLD) was registered in Parallels Plesk Expand IP address belonged to IP range that was cretaed for SERVER7.DOMAIN.TLD.
Later the IP address was moved to Parallels Plesk Panel #10 (SERVER10.DOMAIN.TLD) not through Parallels Plesk Expand but IP range was not changed and now it contains a "hole".


You may do the following to fix the problem:

1. If the IP address is extreme you may correct the IP ranges. Remove IP address from IP range of Plesk Server #10 (SERVER10.DOMAIN.TLD) and then add it to IP range of Plesk Server #7 (SERVER7.DOMAIN.TLD).

Plesk Servers > IP Ranges > IP RANGE > General Setup

Otherwise it is needed to split IP range to make the IP address extreme and reassign it then.

2. Reassign Parallels Plesk Panel that contains the "hole" in IP range. Refer to this article for correct deassigning procedure:

3. Make IP ranges shared between Parallels Plesk Panel that lost and received the IP address. Add Parallels Plesk Panel to one Group and assign IP range to the Group.

Plesk Servers > IP Ranges > IP RANGE > General Setup > Use exclusively by group

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