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  • Applies to:
  • Virtuozzo for Windows 3.5.1 SP1

Release notes

Synopsis: New Virtuozzo 3.5.1 update provides a fix for command line tool and ability to install new Microsoft update.
Issue date: 2008-12-23
Product: Virtuozzo 3.5.1 SP1
Keywords: KB957201

1. Topic:

This update for Virtuozzo 3.5.1 provides a fix for command line tool and ability to install new Microsoft update.

2. Problem description:

   • The vzquota.exe tool does not show path to an additional efd file for a container in a specific case, when a Hardware Node drive is mounted to a drive inside the container and the drive letter for the mounted disk alphabetically precedes the drive assigned to the additional efd file;
   • Implemented support for KB957201

All Virtuozzo 3.5.1 users are advised to update their Virtuozzo node.

3. Affected components description:

   • Virtuozzo kernel
   • Virtuozzo command line tools;

4. Bug fixes:

   • 124891 - "vzquota does not show path to efd file";

5. New Microsoft updates are available to install on the node after the current update installation:

   • KB957201

6. Obtaining and Installation:

On the Virtuozzo Windows host, run Virtuozzo Update Wizard  (vzupdate.exe)  and follow the instructions. This wizard will install all the recent Virtuozzo updates and hotfixes in the correct sequence. Otherwise you can install Virtuozzo updates manually.

Please see how to check current Virtuozzo version and number of installed Virtuozzo updates.

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