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Since the 9.0 version structure of Parallels Plesk Panel backup has changed. Plesk backup created with Plesk Backup Manager is not just one file but a number of files and directories under the backups directory /var/lib/psa/dumps (DUMP_D):

  • /var/lib/psa/dumps/clients - parent directory for backups of clients and their domains
  • /var/lib/psa/dumps/resellers - parent directory for backups of resellers and their client domains
  • /var/lib/psa/dumps/domains - directory for backups domains created by the administrator
  • /var/lib/psa/dumps/.discovered - details of the server backup

For details, refer to the following article: Backup structure in Parallels Plesk Panel 9.

Restoration from backup is possible only if it is shown as valid (with a green mark). In case it is invalid (marked with a red circle), investigation of the backup file is impossible.

To migrate data between Parallels Plesk Panel 9.0, you should perform the following steps:

  1. In Parallels Plesk Panel 9, create a server backup through Home > Backup Manager > Back Up;
  2. save the backup in a file using the option Download backup file to your local workstation (click on the floppy disk icon near the backup name);
  3. Import the backup file to a new server with the Upload Files to Server Repository option on the Backup Manager page;
  4. Restore the backup on the new server usual way:

    Home > Backup Manager > > Restore

Alternatively, you may copy the whole directory /var/lib/psa/dumps with backup data to the new server and restore using Backup Manager in control panel:

  1. In Parallels Plesk Panel 9, create a server backup with Home > Backup Manager > Back Up;
  2. Copy the /var/lib/psa/dumps/ directory to a new server. Note: It is important to copy the directory as a whole, including the hidden ".discovered" directory.
  3. Restore the backup on the new server usual way:

    Home > Backup Manager > > Restore

Only the server-wide backup uploaded through the "Upload Files to Server Repository" option is shown on the Backup Manager page at Home > Backup Manager. Backups of a reseller, client, and domain are shown in the personal backup repository.

To restore a client's backup, you should create a new client with the same login name. Then upload the client's backup through

Clients > > Backup Manager > Upload Files to Server Repository

and restore it in the usual way:

Clients > > Backup Manager > > Restore

Do the same for the reseller and the domain.

If you plan to move the backup to a new server manually, you need to place it in the same location as on the source server. For example, on the source server, the domain %domain.tld% belongs to client with login %client.login%. The backup was created through Clients > > Domains > %domain.tld% > Backup Manager, and it is located in the client's local repository:


On the destination server, you need to place the backup exactly in the same location. To do so, create a client with the login name %client.login% and place the backup to $DUMP_D/clients/%client.login%/domains/%domain.tld%.

Additional Information

The procedure of data migration from Parallels Plesk Panel versions 7.5 and 8.x to Parallels Plesk Panel 9 is described in this article.

The migration from other hosting platforms will be available in a future version of Plesk Migration Manager.

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