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  • Applies to:
  • Business Automation 5.5
  • Business Automation 6.0
  • Operations Automation 5.4
  • Business Automation 5.4
  • Operations Automation 5.3
  • Plesk 11.5 for Linux


Hosted Exchange service provisioning is failing in Parallels Operations Automation (POA) with an error message like:

Could not find the following Exchange 2010 services for provisioning:  
Exchange2010Mailstore (mailboxes), Exchange2010Mailstore (public folders),
Exchange2010SMTP, Exchange2010SMTPAuth, Exchange2010OAB, Exchange2010POP3,
Exchange2010IMAP4, Exchange2010Protocols, Exchange2010Autodiscover.  

Please verify that the following requirements are met:  
1) All necessary services are installed in one AD domain
2) All services have the specified attributes ("Exchange 2010")
3) Some mailbox stores on mail-store services have the specified attributes ('')
4) There exists a ready-to-provide mailbox and/or public folder stores
5) Branding is configured


Possible causes of the problem are:

Cause #1. The provisioning attributes mentioned in the error message are not assigned to the Ready to provide Exchange hosts and/or mailbox stores in POA.

Cause #2. Exchange services branding is not configured for the brand that the customer belongs to. It may be configured for a customer of the reseller or Provider.

Initially, when you create a new brand, Exchange services branding is set to Not Configured. When Exchange service branding is Not Configured, the service is not available for provisioning to customers under the brand. This approach helps prevent customers created under the brand from accidentally seeing the vendor's Exchange server hostnames.

Cause #3. All mailbox servers have exceeded their Exchange organization's capacity.
Cause #4. The "FQDN of AD domain used for provisioning" activation parameter is set to an incorrect value. This may happen if there are many Active Directory domains managed by POA and the Provider mistakenly enters the name of the wrong AD domain in the mentioned parameter. It may also occur if only one AD domain is registered in POA and the Provider mistakenly enters the name of the AD domain incorrectly.

In this case, an error message like the following will appear in the POA debug log during Hosted Exchange service provisioning:

[Service selection] Skipping service (id=156) because domain '' is required, but the service belongs to ''

Cause #5. A reseller does not have the Hosted Exchange resource in their Reseller Branding subscription at all. In this case, the reseller cannot configure Exchange branding because the tab Exchange Branding mentioned above is absent from the POA Reseller Control Panel.


Problem #1. Make sure that the provisioning attribute mentioned in the error message (Hosted Exchange in this article) is assigned to the proper Exchange servers and mailbox stores.

  1. Log in to the POA Provider Control Panel.

  2. Go to Deployment Director > Server Manager > Hardware Nodes.

  3. Make sure that the required provisioning attributes mentioned in the error message are assigned to the Exchange hosts that are marked as Ready to provide, as in the screenshot below:

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  1. Go to Service Director > Hosted Exchange Manager > Mailbox Stores.

  2. Make sure there is at least one Exchange mailbox store marked as Ready to provide:

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  1. Click on every appropriate Exchange mailbox store (the mailbox store should have the proper Exchange version and be marked as Ready to provide), and make sure that the required provisioning attribute is assigned to it on the Attributes tab:

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Problem #2. To enable Hosted Exchange provisioning, change the Exchange branding state either to Branding Off or to Branding On. This can be done in the POA Provider/Reseller Control Panel at: Marketing Director > Branding Manager > Brands > (choose brand) > Exchange Branding tab

Refer to the POA documentation for more information: POA Provider Guide > Marketing Operations > Branding Exchange.

Problem #3. Refer to the Knowledgebase article Exchange provisioning fails: no available Exchange organizations on mailbox servers for the resolution.
Problem #4. Change the value of the "FQDN of AD domain used for provisioning" parameter to the correct one. It must be the correct name of the proper AD domain where the Microsoft Exchange service is deployed.

You can change the parameter in the Hosted Exchange resource type in POA Provider Control Panel at Service Director > Provisioning Manager > Resource Types > choose resource > Activation Parameters tab > FQDN of AD domain used for provisioning parameter.

Alternatively, the value of the parameter can be changed at the Service Template level at Service Director > Provisioning Manager > Service Templates > (click on the problem template) > Parameters tab > FQDN of AD domain used for provisioning parameter.

Note: The value defined at the Service Template level overwrites the value defined in the resource type.

Problem #5. Add the Hosted Exchange resource into the reseller's subscription. The resource has to be added into the reseller's subscription even if the reseller is not going to sell their own Service Plans with Hosted Exchange services, but will just resell plans delegated to them by the Provider.

This can be done using the steps below, which show you how to add the Hosted Exchange resource to subscription #1000563:

  1. Log in to the POA Provider Control Panel.

  2. Go to Service Director > Provisioning Manager > Service Templates.

  3. Find the Service Template the reseller is subscribed to.

  4. Deactivate the template by clicking the Deactivate button in the Service Template properties.

  5. Switch to the Resources > Limits tab.

  6. Click the Add resources button.

  7. Add the Hosted Exchange resource to the Service Template with at least the following limits (these limits are shown as an example and should be adjusted to suit your requirements):

    Hosted Exchange: 1 unit
    BlackBerry Messaging: 0 units
    Contacts: 0 units
    Distribution Lists: 0 units
    E-mail Domains: 0 units
    Good Mobile Messaging: 0 units
    Mailboxes: 0 units
    ActiveSync Access: 0 units
    IMAP4 Access: 0 units
    Maximum Allowed Mailbox Size: 0 KB
    Outlook Access: 0 units
    Outlook Web Access: 0 units
    POP3 Access: 0 units
    Public Folders: 0 units
    Maximum Allowed Public Folder Size: 1 KB
  8. Return to the General tab of the Service Template.

  9. Click the Activate button.

  10. Switch to the PBA Control Panel to synchronize the reseller's subscription with the modified POA Service Template.

  11. Go to Product Director > Plan Manager > Service Templates.

  12. Click on the modified Service Template and switch to the Resources tab.

  13. Click on the Hosted Exchange resource you just added to the POA Service Template.

  14. Click the Synchronize button in the resource properties.

  15. On the next screen, select All Subscriptions in the Install to Subscriptions drop-down list and check the Update Reseller Branding Subscriptions option. Use the Start Date after and Start Date before fields to limit the set of subscriptions to be synced if necessary.

  16. Click the Synchronize button.

  17. Log in to the Reseller's POA Control Panel.

  18. Go to Marketing Director > Branding Manager > Brands > (click on brand) > Service Branding > Exchange Branding tab.

  19. Configure Exchange branding as described above.

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