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If a Master Node has a large number of registered Slave Nodes, some of them go offline in Parallels Infrastructure Manager.


To solve the issue, it is recommended to increase the queue value to "1000" by means of one of the actions described below:

"Parallels Virtuozzo Containers for Windows" 4.0:

1. How to i
ncrease queue value using PMC:

    Open PMC on the Master Node, right-click on the node, and choose TasksManage Parallels Agent Configuration. Select gend (or "system")configuration, and default_single. In the right pane, find the queue value and set it to "1000." Click Apply.

2. How to increase queue value using "vzagent.conf" file:

  2.1. Open the "vzagent.conf" file on the Master Node:
           Windows x86 architecture: C:\Program Files\SWsoft\Virtuozzo\VZAgent\etc\vzagent.conf
           Windows x64 architecture: C:\Program Files (x86)\SWsoft\Virtuozzo\VZAgent\etc\vzagent.conf
           Linux/Unix servers: /etc/sysconfig/vzagent/vzagent.conf
  2.2. Find the following strings and change the current value to "1000" in the “queue” tag:


  2.3. Save the "vzagent.conf" file.

  2.4. Restart VZAgent service.

Parallels Virtuozzo Containers for Linux 4.0:

The instructions described above are also applicable to PVC for Linux systems. The VZAgent config file is located here:

In order to apply the new options, please restart VZAgent on the Hardware Node using this command:
# vzagent_ctl restart

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