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Parallels Plesk Sitebuilder version 4.x is running.

Module eShop is put on site and option "Stock level" enabled in Sitebuilder wizard (Edit -> eShop -> Settings -> Enable stock level tracking).

I want to prevent users from being able to put more of an item than is available in their basket, or at least to prevent customers from purchasing more than is available.
Enabling "stock tracking" apparently has not prevented this. Why?


The "Stock level" configuration option is an informative counter shown in Sitebuilder wizard at (Edit -> eShop -> Products -> Stock level), it is seen by the eShop owner only. The owner manages orders at (Edit -> eShop -> Orders), when the order status is changed to "Processed" or "Completed" (Edit -> eShop -> Orders -> Edit -> Status) value of the "Stock level" counter is reduced, it can even be negative.

"Stock level" is an informative counter shown to the eShop owner only, site visitors (clients) do not even known about that option.

Feature request to implement an option to set number of eShop product that can be sold already exists. It will be implemented in future updates of Parallels Plesk Sitebuilder. Currently it is not possible to limit products number that can be sold through eShop. The owner should remove product if he cannot sell more (Edit -> eShop -> Remove Selected).

Additional information

According to Plesk Sitebuilder 4.5 for Linux/Unix Wizard User's Guide:

The stock level calculation is performed according to the following rules:

  • When your customer buys a certain quantity of products in your online store, the fact of the purchase does not affect the product quantity record. Only after you, as the online store owner, manually change the customer's order status to Processed or Completed, the quantity of items in the order is subtracted from the stock quantity record.
  • If later you change either of these two statuses to any other order statuses in Plesk Sitebuilder (Backorder, Failed, Cancelled, etc.), the order quantity is added back to the quantity record.

Stock level is not shown to your online store customers: it is intended for your internal use only, so even if the quantity of the product turns to "0" (zero), your customers will still be able to buy the product in any quantity they choose.

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