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  • Plesk 9.x for Linux/Unix


In Parallels Plesk Panel version 9, WebMail service AtMail is enabled for a domain {Domains -> <domain name> -> Mail Accounts -> Mail Settings -> WebMail}.
I try to send a message through WebMail; however, I am unable to do that. New popup windows are opened with the error below when I click  Send Mail.

Could not send message - Please check the recipients are correctly formatted and contact the System Admin

Also, the following error is shown when I click any button in AtMail (Addresses, Folders, Settings, or Help):

html/english//atmailstyle.css is not readable, please check file permission!

What causes the problem and how can I resolve it?


The problem is caused by a missing AtMail configuration for the selected mail account.


First, verify that the package psa-atmail is up-to-date for your version of Parallels Plesk Panel. If a package from an older version is installed, you should upgrade it. Get the version and build of the package with the command rpm -q:

~# rpm -q psa-atmail

You may check and download the latest package from the website
Open the site, find the Plesk version for your operating system and architecture, and download and install the package psa-atmail. For example, psa-atmail for Parallels Plesk Panel 9.0.1, CentOS5 is located at

Download the psa-atmail package and install it with the rpm -Uvh command:

~# rpm -Uvh /FULL/PATH/TO/

Then rebuild AtMail locales with the lang.php script.

~# cd /var/www/atmail
~# php lang.php all

If the package is up-to-date but the problem still persists, then the problem is caused by an incorrect configuration of mail accounts in the AtMail database. The misconfiguration may be caused by incomplete upgrading of AtMail. The database upgrading is performed by AtMail scripts and cannot be repaired by Plesk scripts.

To resolve the problem, create missing records in the AtMail database for the selected mail account. The Plesk utility that allows you to reconfigure mail accounts in the AtMail database is now missing; reconfigure the database manually. Below are the details.

IMPORTANT: Back up the atmail database before any reconfigurations. You may use the following command:

~#  mysqldump -uadmin -p`cat /etc/psa/.psa.shadow` atmail > atmail.dump.`date +%F.%s`.sql

The tables UserSettings_<letter> and UserSettings_other in the atmail database contain AtMail configuration for mail accounts.
(where <letter> is a, b,...,z).

The problem is that AtMail configuration for the account Name@domain.tld is missing in the UserSettings_n table. Configuration of a mail account that starts with a non-alphabetic character is stored in the UserSettings_other table.

To resolve this, add the following default record to the table atmail.UserSettings_n (atmail.UserSettings_other):

mysql> INSERT INTO `UserSettings_<letter>` VALUES ('Name@domain.tld','id',' ',1200,'standard',
    -> '','25',0,0,1,'Name@domain.tld',NULL,'Verdana',1,'simple',1,'#EBE9E4','#F8FBFD',
    -> '#000000','#000033','#FFFFFF','#000033','#FBFBFB','#E2E7FA','imap','#FAFAFA','sql',NULL,
    -> 'english',NULL,'#F3F3F3','#FFFFFF','#002675','#DFEAF4','imgs/bluegrad.gif',0,'localhost',
    -> 1,NULL,NULL,NULL,NULL,NULL,NULL,NULL,'%e/%m/%y','%l:%M %p',1,'UTF-8',1,'1',0);

(where Name@domain.tld is your mail account with the missing configuration and N is the first letter of the mail name; therefore, the table to update is atmail.UserSettings_n. If the first character of the mail name is a number, then configuration should be put into the table UserSettings_other.)

For account Aname@domain.tld the table is atmail.UserSettings_a;
for account Bname@domain.tld the table is atmail.UserSettings_b;
for account Zname@domain.tld the table is atmail.UserSettings_z;
for account 1name@domain.tld the table is atmail.UserSettings_other;

IMPORTANT: It is important to update the appropriate table because only this table is checked when you work with the account through AtMail.

Note that AtMail is not shipped with Parallels Plesk Panel, so Plesk scripts to perform the reconfiguration do not exist.

AtMail is a third-party application, such as Apache or BIND, that is used by Parallels Plesk Panel.

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