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  • Plesk 8.x for Linux/Unix


Bandwidth limiter (mod_bw) is installed and configured for domain. 

        <IfModule mod_bw.c>
                BandwidthModule On
                ForceBandWidthModule On
                MaxConnection all 1
                BandWidthError 510

However I was able to download 10M file from 3 different clients simultaneously. The limit seems does not work!

How to resolve the problem?


According to documentation for mod_bw (

3.8 - MaxConnection [From] [Max]

    There is a catch. You NEED to have a BandWidth limit for the same origin.
   It doesnt need to be a low limit. You can use an unlimited setting.
    You might wonder why. It's because im using them same memory space of the
   bandwidth limit, to count the connections, so i can save memory space.
    If you dont put a BandWidth using the same origin, MaxConnections will be

Example :
       BandWidth all 0
       MaxConnection all 20

In order for option MaxConnection to have effect you should use it with option BandWidth. Otherwise the option is ignored.

Additional information

You may install Apache module mod_bw through Plesk autoinstaller.

Login to Parallels Plesk Panel as admin and change to updater page {Server -> Updater}.
Enter Plesk version, find component "Bandwidth Limiter For Apache support (mod_bw)", mark it enabled and click Install.

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