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Parallels Plesk Billing (formerly known as Modernbill) used to have embedded HelpDesk solution which is not supported since Parallels Plesk Billing v6.


If you have upgraded to Parallels Plesk Billing v6.0 and discovered that you have lost your HelpDesk, you can restore it by issueing the following SQL commands to your Plesk Billing database:

insert into config_groups (config_group_id, parent_config_group_id, config_group_name, config_group_icon, config_group_trans_key, config_group_order,config_group_locked, config_group_action_file, config_group_action_name) values (3, 1, 'main', '', 'TRANS_MAIN_SYSTEM_SETTINGS', 1, 1, '', '');

insert into config_params (config_param_id, config_group_id, config_param_name, config_param_value, config_param_group_trans_key, config_param_trans_key, config_param_description, config_param_input_type, config_param_required, config_param_order, config_param_locked) values (2, 3, 'helpdesk_enabled', 1, '', 'TRANS_ENABLE_INTERNAL_HELPDESK', 'TRANS_ENABLE_INTERNAL_HELPDESK_DESC', 'r', 1, 1, 0);

Do not forget to backup your database before making any changes there.
Note: HelpDesk is not supported and you may continue using it at your own risk.
It is advised to migrate to 3rd party HelpDesk solutions.

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