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Release notes

Synopsis: New Parallels Infrastructure Manager 4.0 update provides fixes related to scalability and performance, installing updates, infrastructure and backups management, SOAP API.
Issue date: 2009-05-04
Product: Parallels Infrastructure Manager 4.0
Keywords: backup, updates, scalability, performance, SOAP API

1. Subject:

Updated packages for Parallels Infrastructure Manager 4.0 offering user-level tools fix for the following functionality:

  - scalability and performance;
  - installing Parallels Infrastructure Manager updates;
  - infrastructure management;
  - backups management;
  - big Active Directory groups management;

2. Problem description:

  - Parallels Infrastructure Manager works slow in case of big groups;
  - Parallels Infrastructure Manager has memory leaks which cause it to be restarted on some regular basis;
  - Parallels Infrastructure Manager does not warn about approaching the files size limit for ServiceCT MSSQL database;
  - Parallels Infrastructure Manager update fails to be installed if vzupsvc service is launched under non-local user account;
  - vzagroup utility has bad usage and requires slave credentials for some group operations;
  - Parallels Infrastructure Manager has no option to reread information about backups from all backup storages;
  - SOAP connection hangs up sometimes;
  - "--exclude-files" parameter does not work in vzabackup command sometimes;
  - Alerts are not synchronized from slave to master in PIM group, this causes lack of alert description;

It is highly recommended to update the Parallels Infrastructure Manager 4.0 tools packages.

3. Affected components description:

   - Parallels Infrastructure Manager 4.0 is a tool designed for managing Hardware Nodes and all Virtuozzo Containers residing on them with the help of a standard Web browser on any platform.
   - Parallels Management Console is a Virtuozzo Containers management and monitoring tool with the graphical user interface. It is used to control individual Hardware Nodes and their Containers. Management Console is cross-platform and runs on both Microsoft Windows and Linux workstations.
   - Parallels Power Panel is a means for administering individual Virtuozzo Containers with the help of a standard Web browser on any platform.

4. Bug fixes:

114506 Crash in Acronis libs during backup
114508 Crash in Acronis libs during backup
124548 Size of incremental selective backup is equal to full
131550 SNMP service crashes
270846 PIM updates are not installed from vzupsvc if vzupsvc is launched not under local user
119928 vzagroup utility should be significantly improved
95042 Need to have option in PIM to re read backup storage for all slaves
422988 PIM does not warn about approaching the size limit for the SCT MSSQL DB
270291 [SOAP] Namespaces for virtual config is wrong
426100 [SOAP] If clone CT via SOAP new CT EID is not returned
425913 vzaop leaks on master in case of offline slave
423772 vzaop leaks in case of continuous backups
423771 Summary screen load takes too much time (or never finishes) in case of huge group and offline slaves
426380 Normalize cpu usage for vz container to 100% (in multi-processor CT case)
270090 Synchronization of slave's databases with master when the slave goes online or being registered.
422995 Can't run a backup if excluding files other than those on the C: drive
422991 PIM does not display the users from huge AD lists

5. Obtaining and installing:

Installing in Windows:
On the Hardware Node, run the Virtuozzo Update wizard (vzupdate.exe) and follow the instructions. This wizard will install the latest Parallels Infrastructure Manager updates and hotfixes in the correct order.

Installing in Linux:
You can download and install update with the help of the vzup2date utility included in the Virtuozzo Containers 4.0 distribution.

The update does not require Virtuozzo restart or system reboot, both on Linux and Windows.

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