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  • Virtuozzo containers


  To cut it short -  every system administrator needs it. Some examples of practical applications:

  • Hosting - all ranges on the same platform, from low-level shared and medium-power virtual server to powerful dedicated servers - seamless scaling up in the same safe virtual private server.
  • Server consolidation - put together your existing servers and use more powerful and reliable hardware.
  • Increase availability - keep an up-to-date copy of your virtual private server on another server  and start it in seconds in case of failure.
  • Education - each student gets its own virtual server with root access.
  • Testing - safe experimentation on the machine that runs other services.
  • Clean sandbox - install each service in its own freshly created Virtual Private Server and you will never have to resolve dependency problems.
  • Multiversioning - keep "snapshots" of the project you are working on and be able to switch back and forth in seconds.
  • Improve network services security - run each server in its own Virtual Private Server. If an application has a security hole  only this particular virtual private server will be compromised, never -  the whole system.

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