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  • Plesk 9.2 for Linux/Unix


Parallels Plesk Panel version 9.2.1 or 9.2.2 and Postfix MTA.

In the maillog file I have the following error message :

Jun  4 06:52:33 plesk postfix-local[14367]: recipient[3] = 'mail@plesk.domain.tld'
Jun  4 06:52:33 plesk postfix-local[14458]: files: write buf 0xbf948b88[4096] to fd (7) error - (32) Broken pipe
Jun  4 06:52:33 plesk postfix-local[14458]: files: cannot write chuck from 5 to 7 - (32) Broken pipe
Jun  4 06:52:33 plesk postfix-local[14458]: LOG Unable to forward message to: redirect@domain.tld
Jun  4 06:52:33 plesk postfix-local[14458]: Unable to send mail for: redirect@domain.tld

As shown in the maillog, the mailbox mail@plesk.domain.tld is redirected to the mailbox of redirect@domain.tld and the mail is not received.


The problem will be fixed in future update of Parallels Plesk Panel that is going to be released after version 9.2.1.

Hotfix for Parallels Plesk Panel 9.2.1, 9.2.2 CentOS5 32bit is attached. To install the hotfix you should replace existed file /usr/lib/plesk-9.0/postfix-local with attached one. Please remember to backup old file just in case and correct permissions of new file. You may change permissions with commands chown and chmod:

~# chown popuser:popuser /usr/lib/plesk-9.0/postfix-local
~# chmod 755 /usr/lib/plesk-9.0/postfix-local

NOTE: the hotfix is valid for Parallels Plesk Panel versions 9.2.1 and 9.2.2 only. You should not install it on other versions.


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