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In some cases, during an attempt to add the slave "Parallels Virtuozzo Containers 4.x" Hardware Node (on either the Linux or Windows platform) via the "ParalleIs Infrastructure Manager" interface on the master PVC 4.x Linux node, the following error occurs:

Failed to add new slave node: step 'update master config' failed with error 'Message is dropped before processing started because the queue is full.'

A second attempt to add the slave node via the PIM interface shows this error:

Operation failed, node 'hostname.tld' is already in this serverGroup.

A third attempt shows the following error:

Server group error: node with the same address already exists in the server group.


The reason for the issue is one of the following: the IP address of the slave PVC 4.x node was already used in the past, the internal ID of the slave node in the PIM database structure differs from the ID of the current slave node, or a large number of Containers (which are located on slave nodes) are registered in the master PIM. Also, a similar error could be shown when trying to check the license on nodes within a PIM cluster.


To fix the issue and to register the slave node correctly in the master PIM interface, please make sure that you have applied all the latest patches (run the "vzup2date" utility) and then use this procedure:

1. Modify queue sizes in /var/vzagent/etc/vzagent.conf, as it is shown in the following example:




2. Unregister the slave node from the PIM interface

3. If you encountered an error on the previous step (i.e., the slave node failed to be unregistered), make sure that you have no active tasks in the PIM interface, e.g., backup tasks, and restart VZAgent service on the master PIM node and on the slave HW Node: 

# vzagent_ctl restart

4. Check the PIM interface -- the slave node should disappear.

5. Try to register the slave node again -- you should be able to do this without a problem.

These steps should update the internal ID of the slave node in the PIM database structure.

Keywords: slave node, registration failed, queue is full, serverGroup

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