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  • Applies to:
  • Plesk 9.2 for Linux/Unix


Running "Parallels Plesk Panel 9.2" autoinstaller on the following system:

Red Hat Enterprise Linux ES release 4 (Nahant Update 8)

leads to the following error messages about packages conflicts:

/root/plesk-9.x-rhel4-x86_64-autoinstaller --source-type network --source --ignore-key-errors --no-clear --debug --select-release-latest --install-component base --install-component psa-autoinstaller --install-component mailman --install-component postgresql --install-component drweb --install-component api --install-component qmail --install-component de-DE-locale --install-component ja-JP-locale --install-component es-ES-locale --install-component ru-RU-locale --install-component fr-FR-locale --install-component it-IT-locale --install-component zh-CN-locale --install-component zh-TW-locale
Downloading the file products.inf3: 100% done.
Downloading the file plesk.inf3: 10%..21%..32%..40%..51%..60%..71%..80%..90%..100% done.
Downloading the file sitebuilder.inf3: 15%..35%..55%..75%..96%..100% done.
Downloading the file sso.inf3: 10%..24%..37%..51%..64%..78%..91%..100% done.
Checking for installed packages... 
Downloading the file PSA_9.2.1/plesk-9.2.1-rhel4-x86_64.inf3: 10%..20%..30%..40%..50%..60%..70%..80%..90%..100% done.
Detecting installed product components.
Retrieving information about the installed packages... 
Downloading the file PSA_9.2.1/update-rpm-RedHat-el4-x86_64/update-9.2.1-rhel4-x86_64.hdr.gz: 10%..20%..30%..40%..50%..60%..70%..80%..90%..100% done.
Downloading the file PSA_9.2.1/dist-rpm-RedHat-el4-x86_64/build-9.2.1-rhel4-x86_64.hdr.gz: 10%..20%..30%..40%..50%..60%..70%..80%..90%..100% done.
Downloading the file PSA_9.2.1/thirdparty-rpm-RedHat-el4-x86_64/thirdparty-9.2.1-rhel4-x86_64.hdr.gz: 10%..20%..30%..40%..50%..60%..70%..80%..90%..100% done.
Determining the packages that need to be installed.
ERROR: Unable to install the "drweb-daemon-4.33-rh5_psa.i586 (b 0x1761ed0 source=0xdd8dd0 P:12 R:24)" package.

The following could cause the installation failure:
Packages "openssl-0.9.7a-43.17.el4_6.1.i686 (u 0x1580ce0 source=0xdd8b00 P:80 R:18)" and "openssl-0.9.7a-43.17.el4_7.2.x86_64 (s 0x108ae60 source=0xd0beb0 P:80 R:15)" cannot be installed at the same time
because of the conflict on the file "/usr/bin/openssl"

Not all packages were installed.
Please, contact product technical support.


By default Plesk  uses 'yum' repositories, while RHEL 4.8 provides 'up2date' service.


• Current Autoinstaller 3.4 supports RedHat "up2date" utility and Parallels Plesk 9.2 can be installed on RHEL 4.8 server if Autoinstaller detects that "up2date" is configured. Please refer to RedHat documentation about configuring of 'up2date' service.

• To detect if  "up2date" is configured Parallels Plesk Autoinstaller performs the following actions:

1) It checks that "/etc/sysconfig/rhn/systemid" file does exist;
2) It checks that "/etc/sysconfig/rhn/up2date" file contains networkSetup=1 parameter.

The problem is that this parameter became optional, so Autoinstaller does not detect if "up2date" is configured, and therefore does not use it.

Please check "/etc/sysconfig/rhn/up2date" file and add networkSetup=1 string if it does not exist.

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