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  • Applies to:
  • Virtuozzo containers for Linux 4.0

Release notes

Synopsis:        New Parallels Virtuozzo Containers 4.0 tools update provides
                          fixes related to Container and EZ templates management
Issue date:     2009-09-02
Product:           Parallels Virtuozzo Containers 4.0
Keywords:       'vzctl' 'swap' 'swap pages' 'vztt' 'vzpkg' 'EZ template'
                          'PPP' 'vzlist' 'Debian' 'vzmlocal' 'c2v' 'migration'

1. Topic:

 Updated packages for Parallels Virtuozzo Containers 4.0 provide the following
 user-level tool fixes:
 - managing Containers using the 'vzctl' utility
 - managing EZ templates using the 'vzpkg' utility
 - moving Containers using the 'vzmigrate' and 'vzmlocal' utilities
 - migrating Containers to virtual machines on Parallels servers

2. Problem description:

 - The 'vzmlocal' utility may fail to move a Container to a different disk

 - Creating a swap partition inside a Container may fail.

 - Containers restored from incremental backups may be missing some files
   though the backups contain these files.

 - The 'vzlist' utility may swap values of the CPULIMIT and CPUUNITS parameters
   for stopped Containers.

 - The PPP virtualization cannot be enabled for Containers.

 - Using Parallels Power Panels to update Debian-based Containers may fail.

 - The process of migrating a Container to a virtual machine may fail to start.

 - The data of a Container migrated to a virtual machine may not be removed
   from the Source Node.

 - Reinstalling a Container based on the debian-5-x86 template and located on
   a shared /vz partition may fail.

 - Memory on the Hardware Node may be exhausted by the VZAgent component.

 All Virtuozzo Containers 4.0 users are advised to update their tools packages.

3. Affected components description:

 - 'vzctl' is the primary tool for Container management. This tool is used
   to create new Containers, start and stop them, configure their parameters,

 - 'vztt' is a set of tools used to manage EZ templates. EZ templates introduced
   in Virtuozzo 3.0 for the first time are more flexible and easy to manage as
   compared to standard templates.

 - 'vzmigrate' is a utility used to migrate Containers from one Hardware Node to
 - 'vzmlocal' is a utility for moving and copying Containers within the same
   Hardware Node.

 - 'vzctcalc' is a tool for calculating Container disk and memory usage.

 - 'nbd' is a Linux network block device utility allowing you to use remote
   block devices over a TCP/IP network.

4. Bug fixes:

 #111773 - 'vzmlocal' is unable to move Containers to another disk.
 #431752 - 'vzctl' does not set swappages correctly.
 #434653 - vzapkgmonitor may leak memory.

 #435869 - cow-ed directories are incorrectly restored from incremental backups.
 #436238 - `vzlist` swaps the values of "CPULIMIT" and "CPUUNITS" for stopped
 #438001 - PPP virtualization support to be added to 'vzctl'.

 #438999 - 'vzctl reinstall' may fail for debian-5-x86 based Containers on NFS.

 #439945 - 'vzpkg update -n' does not work for Debian-based Containers.

 #442389 - Container-to-Virtual-Machine migration failed to start because the
           vznbdmig library could not be loaded.

 #442999 - It should be possible to delete Container private areas after
           migrating Containers to virtual machines.

5. Obtaining:

 You can download and install this tools update using the 'vzup2date' utility
 included in the Virtuozzo Containers 4.0 distribution.

6. Installation:

 Use the 'vzup2date' command to install the new Parallels Virtuozzo tools

 The update does not require Virtuozzo restart or system reboot.

7. RPMs required:

 The following RPM packages are included in the tools update:

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