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I'm trying to install software \ build driver for a Parallels Virtuozzo Containers host, but it requires kernel headers. Where can I obtain it?


Required kernel headers come with “vzkernel-devel”, "vzkernel" and "vzmodules" packages. There are two possible ways to obtain them:

Option 1. Find the local copy:

You may find this package for each Parallels Virtuozzo Containers kernel in the following directory:


See the following example:

~# find /vz/vzup2date/virtuozzo/linux/x86_64/ -iname  "vzkernel-devel*" |sort

The "vzkernel" and "vzmodules" packages, which may also be needed in some cases, are located in the same folder as the "vzkernel-devel" package.

Option 2. Download required packages from Parallels repository:

1) Find out your Parallels Containers version:

~# awk '{print $NF}' /etc/virtuozzo-release

2) Find out the exact kernel release:

~# uname -r

3) Download the required packages for the corresponding architecture from a link like the following:

The structure of the link is as follows:

Real-life example:

[root@pvc40x64 ~]# PVC=$(awk '{gsub(/-.*$/,"",$NF);print $NF}' /etc/virtuozzo-release)
[root@pvc40x64 ~]# KERNEL=`uname -r`
[root@pvc40x64 ~]# ARCH=`uname -m`
[root@pvc40x64 ~]# mkdir drivers
[root@pvc40x64 ~]# cd drivers/
[root@pvc40x64 drivers]# wget -c${ARCH}/${PVC}/CU-${KERNEL}/vzkernel-${KERNEL}.${ARCH}.rpm 
[root@pvc40x64 drivers]# wget -c${ARCH}/${PVC}/CU-${KERNEL}/vzkernel-devel-${KERNEL}.${ARCH}.rpm
[root@pvc40x64 drivers]# wget -c${ARCH}/${PVC}/CU-${KERNEL}/vzmodules-${KERNEL}.${ARCH}.rpm

For Parallels Server Bare Metal, it will be psbm instead of virtuozzo, e.g.:**psbm**/linux/%ARCH%/%PSBM_VERSION%/CU-%KERNEL%/

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