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  • Applies to:
  • Virtuozzo containers for Windows


Virtuozzo Management Service cannot start, although other Virtuozzo services and drivers are running. The Virtuozzo log contains the following entry:

{00000000001E9157}; T=2009.12.10 15:13:40.696; A=vzhelper; P=4092.10752; S=LPCLIB; F=build\4.5.468.0\sources\virtuozzo\vzwin\lib\lpclib3\lpc_client.c,LpcClientConnect,46; L=WARNING; R=58(88); C=0(0); M=88 [ZwConnectPort;c0000034] Native API function call 'ZwConnectPort' failed, code 0xc0000034

F=build\4.5.468.0\sources\virtuozzo\vzwin\lib\lpclib3\lpc_client.c,LpcClientConnect,48; L=ERROR; R=df(223); C=0(0); M=223 [Virtuozzo Management Service] Service 'Virtuozzo Management Service' is not started


Virtuozzo Management Service cannot start because the \vz directory is unavailable. Typically, this can occur if \vz is located on an iSCSI volume that cannot be reached by the host (e.g., because it is unmounted, damaged, etc.).


Make sure the volume containing the \vz folder exists in the system.

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