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  • Virtuozzo for Linux 3.x


Container #101 has been created on Virtuozzo 3.0 node using CentOS 4.8 OS EZ template (e.g. or However it could not be started completely, and the following command is never finished:
# vzctl start 101 --wait


The reason is that new CentOS 4.8 updated 'initscripts'/'udev' packages began to require new kernel features that currently are not implemented inside container.


The recommended solution is to upgrade hardware server from "Virtuozzo 3.0" to "Parallels Virtuozzo Containers 4.0", it should solve this issue.

The work-around is to migrate such Container to other PVC 4.0 or PSBM 4.0 server.

For emergency cases when the solutions above cannot be applied,  there is also another work-around. You may try to reinstall packages 'udev' and 'initscripts' with ones from CentOS 4.7 distribution. For the container #101 it can be done in this way:
# vzctl exec 101 rpm -e --nodeps --notriggers --noscripts --justdb udev initscripts
# vzpkg install 101 -p initscripts-7.93.33-1.centos4 udev-039-10.22.el4

In order to install these packages, the repository for CentOS 4.7 should be added to the list of repositories (example for 32-bit EZ OS template):
# cat /vz/template/centos/4/x86/config/os/default/repositories

It is not recommended to update OS from inside the Container after applying this work-around, otherwise the issue will come back. However you may add the packages udev and initsctripts to excludes list for yum or up2date, and apply other updates if needed.

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