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  • Plesk 10.x for Windows


The ability to update Parallels Panel by microupdates was implemented in Parallels Panel 9.2.3 for Linux and Parallels Small Business Panel 10.0.0 for Linux and Windows.
The current implementation does not allow to install microupdates automatically if Parallels Panel SMB for Windows is deployed inside containers using Parallels Virtuozzo templates.


Using command-line utility

To apply last microupdates after provisioning of a container it is necessary to run manually command below inside the container or install microupdates via GUI Parallels Panel:
"%plesk_bin%\ai.exe" --select-product-id ppsmbe --select-release-current --reinstall-patch --install-component base

Parallels Virtuozzo Containers template customization

Another solution is to customize template installation script.

Update the setup.cmd file in corresponding template (for example C:\vz\Templates\PPSMBE_10.1.0_20091209.08\setup.cmd) to run autoinstaller automatically after template installation:

Cut of setup.cmd file:
C:\Parallels\Plesk\admin\bin\vzhelper.exe install_panel
if x%ERRORLEVEL%x NEQ x0x goto exit

C:\Parallels\Plesk\admin\bin\ai.exe --select-product-id ppsmbe --select-release-current --reinstall-patch --install-component base

echo Successfully setup Parallels Panel SMB Edition template
exit /B 0

Such script will be executed at final stage of template installation.

In case if the template is used for upgrading existing Parallels Panel SMB installation it is necessary to change the template as following:

Call of the command should be added into the run_pleskupgrade.vbs file (for example: C:\vz\Templates\PPSMBE_10.1.0_20091209.08\upgrade\run_pleskupgrade.vbs) before the If isRebootRequired Then string:
ReDim cmds(0)
cmds(0) = "vzctl exec2 --skiplock " & veid & " """ & pathInsideVPSToDistribFiles & "\ai.exe"" --select-product-id ppsmbe --select-release-current --reinstall-patch --install-component base "
    PrivateInstall = RunCommandReturnStatus(veid, cmds(0))

If isRebootRequired Then

Additional information

1. Microupdates installation for PP 9 for Linux -

2. Microupdates installation for PPSMB edition for Linux -

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