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  • Applies to:
  • Plesk 10.x for Windows
  • Plesk 9.x for Windows
  • Plesk 8.x for Windows


The following warning is shown when starting a new migration via Plesk Migration Manager:

Network connection failed. Cannot connect to Plesk Migration Agent on the remote host


Certain machines or network configurations may cause connectivity problems between Plesk Migration Manager and Migration Agent. For example, the error may be shown if Parallels Plesk Panel includes an address from a local subnet (like the address from the subnet).


If you experience this problem, do the following*:

  1. Stop the migration.
  2. Stop Migration Agent (close its window).
  3. Check the IP address key value in the Migration Agent configuration file, WINAgentMng.exe.config.
    • If the key is not specified, or is set to, specify a valid IP address for the key.
    • If a specific IP address is set for the IP address key in the WINAgentMng.exe.config file, make sure that it is a valid address and that it is the same as the address entered in the Source host field on the Remote Host Connection Setup screen during the migration setup. If it is different, either set the value of the key to "" or remove the key from the WINAgentMng.exe.config file altogether.
  4. Start Migration Agent.
  5. Initialize a new migration session. On the Remote Host Connection Setup screen, type the IP address specified in the IP address key in the WINAgentMng.exe.config file into the Source host field under Remote host connection settings.
  6. Proceed with the migration as described in the "Performing Migration" section.
NOTE: Stop Migration Agent before editing its config. Editing the Migration Agent config while Migration Agent is running will overwrite the settings on exiting Migration Agent.

* - If Plesk Migration Manager is installed behind an NAT and you experience this problem, it cannot be resolved in such a way. You should get both servers to connect without the NAT between them and enable the migration.
If connection without NAT is not possible, the problem can be workarounded by ports transmission. The following ports should be transmitted:

  • Plesk Migration Agent - port 6489
  • Backup copying from the source server.
    • Port 443 - Default
    • SMB ports in case of SMB is used instead of SSL for data transfer described in the article #112215.
      • TCP 135
      • TCP 139
      • TCP 445
      • UDP 137
      • UDP 138

If Parallels Plesk Panel includes an address from a local subnet and the solution above does not help, you should remove the local subnet addresses on the source server temporarily.

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