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When performing certain actions in Parallels Plesk Panel (PP), e.g., when making a backup, the default Windows temporary path (drive C with the C:\windows\temp path, for example) does not have the necessary amount of free disk space. How do I overcome this?


There are two ways to resolve the insufficiency of disk space:

Way 1:

Note: This method may not work in all cases. It works, for example, when making a backup to a remote FTP repository from the task scheduler. In this case, the backup agent ignores the DumpTempDir registry value and dumps temporary files into the PP Administrator's %TEMP% folder  =  %LOCALAPPDATA%\temp\.   In order to change the Temp folder's location for PP Administrator in Windows, do the following:

  1. Get the PP admin's SID:  

    > wmic useraccount get | find /I "plesk administrator"
  2. In the registry HKEY_USERS\{SID}\Environment, change the "TEMP" and "TMP" locations.

Way 2 (requires a server reboot):

The second method involves moving the system's temporary folder to another drive that has enough capacity. PP usually uses the %TMP% system global environment variable to get the temporary folder path. So, the variable may be redefined here:

Right-click on My Computer > chooseProperties >  Advanced tab > Environment Variables > System Variables panel.

Search for the TMP _variable there, and then click Edit. Usually, its value is %SystemRoot%\TEMP. Change the value to use another drive with enough disk space (D:\TEMP, for example). Additionally, the _TEMP variable value may be changed (to a more suitable drive path). After that, reboot the server to apply all changes.

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