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  • Plesk for Windows


The following error may occur during validation procedure of a backup xml file (the method is described in the /en/8487 article):

    C:\>"%plesk_bin%"\xmllint.exe --noout --schema "%plesk_dir%\PMM"\plesk.xsd "%plesk_dir%\Backup"\test_info_1004281551.xml

    file:///C:/Parallels/Plesk//Backup/test_info_1004281551.xml:3: element Envelope: Schemas validity error : Element '{urn:envelope}Envelope': No matching global declaration available for the validation root
    C:\Parallels\Plesk\\Backup\test_info_1004281551.xml fails to validate


It means that the signed backup was validated with not-signed schema "%plesk_dir%\PMM"\plesk.xsd. It is possible to remove such signature from the backup xml file to perform a correct validation.


To remove the signature from the backup it is necessary to open the backup xml file (for example - %plesk_dir%\Backup\test_info_1004281551.xml) with a text editor and remove a section which starts with the "<Envelope" text at its beginning and everything in the "<Data>...</Data>" tag at its end:


    <Envelope xmlns="urn:envelope"><Data> <- remove this line
    </Data> <- remove this line and everything after it
    <Signature xmlns="">
    <CanonicalizationMethod Algorithm=""/>
    <SignatureMethod Algorithm=""/>
    <Transform Algorithm=""/>

Then, after the repeated validation procedure, it is not necessary to put the signature back, it is not required by Parallels Plesk Panel.

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