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  • Virtuozzo containers for Linux 4.0

Release notes

Synopsis:         New Parallels Virtuozzo Containers 4.0 tools update provides
                           fixes related to Container management functionality.
Issue date:       2010-05-14
Product:            Parallels Virtuozzo Containers 4.0
Keywords:        'vzctl' 'vzmigrate' 'Ubuntu'

1. What's Included in This Update

Updated packages for Parallels Virtuozzo Containers 4.0 provide the following
user-level tool fixes:
 - managing Containers using the 'vzctl' utility
 - moving Containers using the 'vzmigrate' and 'vzmlocal' utilities
 - managing EZ templates using the 'vzpkg' utility

2. Problem Description

The updated packages includes fixes for the following issues:

 - It is impossible to access Containers using Parallels Virtual Automation
   if you set an IP address with a network mask using the latest versions of
   vzctl (e.g. vzctl-4.0.0-241).

 - Updating packages in a Container based on the Ubuntu 9.10 EZ template may
   cause network problems in the Container.
 - Traffic shaping works incorrectly for bonding devices.

 - It is impossible to move a Container from one Hardware Node to another if the
   disk quota is disabled for the Container.
 - Moving a Container, that was created by migrating a physical server, to
   another Node may fail.

 - Caching an OS template may fail if the template resides on a large file

The new packages also introduces the following features:

- The ability to use kernel NFS servers inside Containers. To allow a Container
  to host an NFS server, you need to turn on the "nfsd" feature with the vzctl

- The ability to create and manage bridge devices inside Containers.

- The ability to create and manage Containers based on the Ubuntu 10.04 EZ

 All Parallels Containers 4.0 users are advised to update their tools packages.

3. Affected Components

 - 'vzctl' is the primary tool for managing Containers. This tool is used
   to create new Containers, start and stop them, configure their parameters,

 - 'vzmigrate' is a utility for migrating Containers from one Hardware Node to

 - 'vzmlocal' is a utility for moving and copying Containers within the same
   Hardware Node.

4. Bug Fixes

 #472818: apt-get update breaks networking of Containers based on the
          Ubuntu 9.10 EZ template.

 #470819: Traffic shaping on a bonding device does not work.

 #472697: vzctl incorrectly handles setting IP addresses with network masks.

 #466603: Can't migrate Containers from a Node with disabled quota.

 #472850: Can't migrate Containers without OSTEMPLATE in the configuration

 #427399: /vz over NFS: a too big partition causes apt-get failure.

5. Obtaining Update

 You can download and install this tools update using the 'vzup2date' utility
 included in the Parallels Containers 4.0 distribution.

6. Installing Update

 Use the 'vzup2date' command to install the new Parallels Virtuozzo tools

 The update does not require Parallels Containers restart or system reboot.

7. RPMs required:

 The following RPM packages are included in the tools update:


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